Extra mobile security?


With today’s modern technology and authentication apps , we all know how secure the etn app is and how much trouble and work went into this . With the app would it not be possible to add in the biometric data ie utilise the fingerprint scanner within the app. Or would this make the security of the app less safe ???

I only mention this as my mother uses etn app and she is 70 and you wouldn’t believe how many times I have been asked to please come unlock the app again lol , I’ve repeatedly said Do not swipe left on etn hahahahs. A simple number or email address is way above her paygrade ( bless her she loves to see it mining away )

Just an idea may add extra security or it may not.

Thoughts anyone ??

If this has been mentioned before I apologize.

Many thanks for your time



Extra security might be nice or that you can choose yourself what kind of 2fa you want on your app in your profile and set it up to unlock it like email code, phone code, finger print, or google Authenticator etc etc. :+1:


Your mom is going to be exstatic when the ETN game comes out (if it comes out)

I can just see her now “Chris! how do I play this game!?” “Chris! I just won some ETN!”


Haha the ETN game Will be cool for sure :sunglasses:


Biometric log-in is an interesting beast. In theory, it can be more secure than just a pin number, when addressing the mobile wallet; particularly if it requires both a pin and a fingerprint.

However, if set up to require just a fingerprint, as opposed to a pin and a fingerprint, then technically any US law enforcement agency can access your account, as then it is not protected by the 4th amendment; with a pin/password, they can not force you to log-in.

These points aren’t really meaningful for the majority of users, but something interesting none the less.


Hahaha yeah that would not surprise me in the slightest hahahhaha


Maybe it can be selected , ie different setup for different countries like what @PHXInvestors said…