Explanation for the last pump and why its a good thing


We were all amazed at the recent price bump of ETN, and we all know its a little taste of whats to happen. The recent pump of ETN is a result of this statement, and if in operation, we will consistently see these price bumps.

'Our instant cryptocurrency payment system is planned to go live for users and vendors by the end of the third quarter of 2018."

As the third quarter ends and this project is actually, completely ‘LIVE’, it will only grow…IOS App, partnerships, and marketing = ETN viral growth, NON-STOP.


Hard to keep your money in pure speculation when a Crypto comes out with that kind of good news.


I agree @Nicolas with all the news coming out now it was expected that the price would at least reflect a tiny bit and it did and i think it will surprise us a lot in the upcoming months and years to come :sunglasses:


Yeah, it’s a rare sight to see ETN pump first, followed by everything else. It’s almost like some big money realized it should cover its entry into ETN by pumping the rest of the market, haha.
Yes I realize that’s unlikely and biased thinking. :wink:


Hints on @M-Kid :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I wonder who would start a price pump of ETN @Nicolas Whomever it is my personal favorite person, I feel like I have known them my whole life! :thinking:


I guess qhat i mean is that ETN will see organic growth from this point foward. With millions of users joining within the new few months, coins being dumped are going to be gobbles up and used for goods/services or remittance purposes by people from the West sending money via ETN to their families in the East.
ETN is a coin with the same use case as currency, and much more reliable at that!


We may very well run into the issue of not enough coins being around because so many people will be holding on to them especially as our prices rises! I do look forward to that problem! :wink:


How do you know the bump in price was due to that statement? :thinking:


Let’s let him think that all it took to make the price move! :wink:


whispers: ok :shushing_face::wink:


Ok now we are just being A-Holes @Danny. I think it time to shed a little light on the situation and price increase. The main reason for our price gain did start with that great email from Richard, along with some great videos from some youtubers. It also started with some us longer term holders of ETN going full out gorilla mode on the all the cheap a$$ sell orders on the exchanges. 100’s of thousands dollars were dumped into the market in a very short time which in turn started a massive snow ball effect and small amount of FOMO. The price of BTC rising along with Alt coins as whole rising alot helped keep the price pump going. There are some of us that putting 100’s of thousands of dollars of our own personal money into ETN right now because we believe in the project that much. There are many many factors that have gone into our recent price increase and all that matters is that we are finally headed up. :slight_smile:


I agree @M-Kid there are many reasons why the price got helped a bit up to but partially it was @M-Kid and the fight the dumb club!


“Partially” is the understatement of the year. The increase in price had, in my view, little or nothing to do with the press release. In fact, 12 hours later, we were still at 85 sats. That’s because in this climate, and with ETN’s lack of visibility, none of the good news from the ETN team made a dent in the price.

Truth is, the price went up because fresh money came in to buy up the cheap ETN. And for that, we have M-Kid and his team to thank, as well as some others on this board.

The ETN team owes them a huge debt of gratitude, because it will make it a lot easier for them to sign deals with mobile operators and others if the coin is on the upswing and more than a penny. We hodlers owe them a debt of gratitude too, for obvious reasons.


I’m new at this forum and I would like to know if somebody knows when the IOS app will be here?


Welcome to the awesome community forum @d0b220ca9c86dcee1d63 and as far as I know their plan is to release it around the end of this month I’d im right and also before marketing most likely :wink:


You guys are amazing and I want to thank you for enlightening me on this reality of crypto! Plese dont dump your millions of ETN ever! Unless its like $10 plus, haha


@$10 to etn we will all be millionaires and what will happen is many will not dump because etn Is more of working project not the usual pump and dump project. So stay relaxed and enjoy the etn ride


Sell my precious ETN babies for a mear $10 each! Never, I am now deeply offended! :wink: lol


What most people don’t see is that ETN has the potential to reach much higher Numbers if they reach mass adoption :thinking: