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It was bound to happen. My 33 years’ experience in the mobile industry has become “a thing”. The “thing” being my new label - apparently, I’m a “veteran of the mobile industry”. I’ll take it, it could be worse!

Since I started off (as a boy!) in the industry, I have been on the cusp of every trend in mobile. From the launch of wireless to SMS to camera phones to multimedia devices to every app integration under the sun - it’s been a rollercoaster ride.

Back in the day, we pioneered working with commercial partners and promotional partners to get our product out there - we were the first to give away free phones to acquire new customers. Now everyone does it – and not just in mobile. Over the years, I’ve brokered over 80 deals, so I’m very well versed in the dance!

This is a big part of why I became involved with Electroneum. A new cryptocurrency made for mobile seemed like a stellar idea and now, with Richard, we identify who we think is the best fit for our vision, and how we fit theirs.
Over the past few weeks, we’ve felt a change in the mood across the mobile industry, and we’ve felt a shift in attitude towards us too - a good one!

We’ve been building our business to suit our unique partnership model for more than a year now, researching and approaching prospective partners. Now we’re finding that they’re seeking us out instead.

This is no doubt due to several things. We have a real-live mobile product working in the market, our ETN ecosystems are going live, our ETN Instant Payment is live, our vendor network is expanding and we can trade in fiat (in several currencies).

KYC is very important to us, and the recent delay in full launch makes no difference to the structure of our deals - everyone knows we’re committed and making it happen.

The partnerships are happening too - some quick, some slow, but they’re coming. And, as I’ve seen so many times in the mobile industry - once it starts, it goes fast, so we need to be ready - and we are. Who else has the ability, a product that is ready, far-reaching relationships, trust and credibility?

Particularly important is the team behind it all. We’ve said it before, but the Electroneum team is unique. It’s made up of people with a huge range of experience – cryptocurrency, coding, UX, blockchain, marketing, finance, business development… mobile… the list goes on. The one key critical thing we all have in common is a shared commitment to bringing crypto to the masses and using it to help the people in the world who need it the most.

I’m confident to put a stake in the ground and say no one in cryptocurrency has what we have. Some may claim to have some elements of what we do, but none of them have it all.

That’s what sets us apart from the rest. And this is the biggest factor driving potential partners to pick up the phone. And that’s what makes working with Electroneum so exciting.

The last time I was in this position was just before Pay As You Go/Prepaid sims were introduced - I was on the industry panel that helped shape this in the UK and my company helped launch it. Wouldn’t it be great if Electroneum had the same impact on crypto that Prepaid did on mobile? It’s certainly possible from where I’m sitting. And after 30+ years in the business, my gut gets a good feel for this sort of thing.

Take a look at my LinkedIn post that touches on Financial Inclusivity and features a great video from M-System…

What’s the difference between financial inclusion and inclusivity?

Inclusion focuses on solutions for specific needs; inclusivity on solutions for all. Specific, standalone products suffer from under-development due to ongoing investment vs uptake. Inclusive solutions enable success in one area to drive growth in others.

The Electroneum ecosystem is all-inclusive, with benefits for all. See how more than $50k’s worth of ETN is transferred in less than 2 seconds on the video attached.

Embracing regulation, sharing revenue and giving confidence in a proven product is creating substantial partner demand. Our 2.5+ million users, Top 10 ranking on Alexa, transaction volumes, active wallets and other key metrics, makes us even more attractive.

As one of the first partnership models in the market, we are blazing a trail by developing new models and new approaches, which we’ll be trialing across multiple territories.

This new influx of interest has engaged many corporates, no doubt boosted by our KYC/AML implementation in the pipeline.

Setting us even further apart is the new revenue we generate for our partners and the real financial rewards every user receives.

Earn ETN for yourself: https://my.electroneum.com/join/ebonus

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This is very true! In my younger days I worked in the mobile industry for years managing a call centre between the merger (one of the largest in U.S. history at the time) from ATT-Wireless and Cingular. I was amused as I am Canadian and live in Canada but that is another story! The entire US was our customer base and I dealt with all things Internationally related. It was a crazy industry with multi million dollar deals going down all the time. Your Words speak the most truth I have seen for a long time. Anyone that may be on the fence will be reassured that what you speak is gold. I came in at I.C.O. stage and knew after I had done my research that I was on to something. As others came on and also realized the same thing the community began to grow. It was exciting to see how fast it was growing and still continues to grow. While other coins may have some of what ETN is attempting to accomplish, I believe going in to the New Year we will be super solid. In this very volatile crypto world, it is nice knowing we have a diamond of a gem in our hands! Fantastic writing @chris.gorman please keep that kind of stuff coming as every now and then we all need reminders of just how awesome our coin really truly is!!! Thanks so much for the update!!!


Thankyou for the post @chris.gorman , it’s great to hear such positive vibes coming through , especially when we all believe in the same thing etn’s future role in the world of crypto .

We’ve had a few setbacks in the past , im sure kyc and yoti and the etn team will have everyone onboard and all the issues sorted by the end of the year.

We are all on the edge of our seats awaiting the big announcements of partnerships and future implementations . This is an exciting time for electroneum and the cryptoworld .

I too have been involved in the tech advancement not company wise but as a customer , I had the first games consoles , some of the first personal computers , mobiles , tablets etc etc , I never thought that one day I would have a mobile computer in my pocket that was all part of science fiction and the movies , So I’m very much looking forward to the next round of future tech.

That’s why I got excited when I heard about etn it sounded so futuristic , looked the part too and to be able to get involved in crypto via my phone is just amazing.

Keep the posts coming it certainly helps to boost the morale .


This makes me smile, because what you say means so much to so many. It is so great to follow a global change from the first row


I Loved your article , good work.
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Amazing read I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. It’s great to hear from you @chris.gorman we appreciate all do for Electroneum!


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great article, that is one reason why etn has a lot of supporters because we have very experienced people like mr.Cris Gorman


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Best article here. I love all articles by Chris Gorman. Linkedin is great for receiving more attention by big brands. Good activity there by our director. Congrats @chris.gorman and thanks :wink:


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