Exchanges with a High (or no) Trade Limit

With Cryptopia being down I started to use KuCoin to buy my ETN. I discovered that they have a limit of 2 BTC worth of trading you can do unless you are verified through KYC on their site. Unfortunately that is not available here in the states yet. What exchange do you guys use that offers a very high limit of daily trades or no limit at all? I own what I think is a respectable amount of ETN and once it skyrockets, like i’m sure it will someday, I want to be in a position to where I can act fast. Thanks guys.

Try tradeogre or liquid

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Thanks. I will check out tradeogre and liquid.

Im not trying to avoid KYC, just saying that KYC on KuCoin is not supported in the states. Just asking for what exchanges people use that support large withdraws and whatnot. And yes, preferably under as many safety nets as possible.


Liquid is the best regulation/storage wise but only Kucoin has the volume.

Not for your benefit…Although to Australian residents.
OTC trades starting at minimum AU$50k.

Does anyone know about CoinBene?

I live in the states and am verified to the highest level on kucoin.

How did you do that? When I tried to verify kyc it forces you to click on what country you are in… and the US was not listed there when I looked.

I really dont remember it was a few months ago. I did have to take a selfie with a piece of paper that had the word kucoin on it. The whole process only took a few hours. If you are trying to do kyc for their fiat pairings it may not have the us.

Ok, thanks for the info. Maybe they dropped the us since then for some reason… just checked again. Its not listed.

Im kyc verified on kucoin too and I live in the usa

can I ask when you did it?

I just spoke to KuCoin. They said KYC verification is not available in the states right now. However this may only be temporary. Has anyone had any experience with CoinBene?

I did it in October of 2018. Yup it might be a temporary thing

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