Exchanges informed they can resume ETN

Hi All,

As you may be aware exchanges had halted ETN deposits and withdrawals whilst a bug was patched in the wallet system that exchanges use.

Thank you for your patience whilst this was carried out.

Dean, Chris H and Andre on our team have worked tirelessly since the bug was found to ensure we got a patch out as quickly as possible, so I’d like to thank them here for their hard work.

Exchanges have been notified that the Electroneum code is patched and available to go live again.

We would advise all command line ETN users to update. If you don’t know what that is - you don’t need to do anything!

We’ll also be updating thousands of server instances on our AWS hosting to allow the mobile app and web wallet system to return to full functionality. This will take another day or so, and we appreciate your patience and thank you for your understanding.

Have a great day everyone!


Thanks for the update and thanks to the devs for the speedy fix.


Well Done Dev Team Keep up the Good Work Gentlemen !


You’re most welcome our beloved Founder

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Thank you so much to the devs for speedy patch. Well done.

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Great news. Should we not have a notification system builtin in our app to notify app users for such outages?


Thanks Richard for the update! :sunglasses:

Well done ETN team :slight_smile:

Fantastic news , good work team !!

That was quick!
Well done, ETN team.

great news

Electroneum (ETN) has been outperforming the rest of the market for the last couple of days. While such massive pumps are not uncommon in crypto, and are usually followed by dumps, this one may be different. That’s right, Electroneum’s rise may not be your regular pump and dump. That’s because, the fundamentals of this crypto point to a scenario where it could be highly undervalued, and could be headed to even higher gains in the future. Several factors support the possibility of a sustained increase in the price of Electroneum (ETN).

First, it is compliant with regulations. Crypto investors and developer are increasingly beginning to realize that, compliance to regulations is the key factor that will lead to mass adoption. That’s because it is only through compliance to regulations that institutional players will get involved. In the case of Electroneum, compliance is at the very core of its development.

Electroneum has KYC, which is a baseline for regulatory compliance all across the world. This gives Electroneum an edge in the market, especially in securing partnerships with mobile operators all across the world. As per the Electroneum website, they have the potential to secure partnerships with mobile operators that have up to 100 million users. Once these partnerships start coming through, then Electroneum stands to pump more than it already has. In short, compliance to regulations could see the future value of this crypto dwarf its current valuations. As a matter of fact, based on its potential for adoption, Electroneum can be termed to be highly undervalued at current prices. The possibility of it pumping to a $1 or more is quite high.

Secondly, Electroneum (ETN) has a massive room to grow, going by what it can do in the market, especially in enabling instant payments. At the moment, Electroneum (ETN) has a market capitalization of $123 million. That’s a relatively low market when compared to its core fundamentals. There are lots of cryptos in the market that don’t have the intrinsic value of Electroneum, but are worth much more in the market.

This means that as the market gets to appreciate the value of Electroneum (ETN), it stands a realistic chance of hitting a billion dollar market cap. It is also noteworthy that Electroneum (ETN) is not yet listed on the big exchanges. Its biggest volumes so far come from Kucoin and Cyptopia, yet it is already creating lots of buzz in the market. This gives it a massive room to grow once it starts getting listed on exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. When, not if, it gets listed on these exchanges, Electroneum (ETN) will be worth multiple times what it is worth today. In fact, the possibility of getting listed on these exchanges makes a valuation of $1 very conservative.

Besides, Electroneum is making all these gains in a sluggish market. That’s a pointer that once the market turns bullish, the value of Electroneum could shoot up by a higher margin, than its current rate.

All the above factors make Electroneum (ETN) a high potential crypto, not just in quarter 4 of 2018, but going into 2019 as well.

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Awesome news!!

I just shared it on my linkedin and other channels :slight_smile:


Lets hope all wallets go online soon. It seems the wallet is still in maintenance mode for a bunch of people. (including me)

Any ETA on when this will be fixed will be great.


Well etn team is working for the notification system, they said it in the last email we got.

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kucoin ETN wallet is enabled again

same for cryptopia

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Thank you for fast repair ,but you can explain me why my wallet is still close and l can not do nothing.

What Speedy Fix??? Mobile and WWW Wallet still down for me. 3 Days does not amount to SPEEDY FIX. Sort it out ETN

When can I use my wallet? Thanks

I hope fix soon :slight_smile:

another job well done :hugs: