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We will wait endlessly for the bigger exchanges if there isn’t an easy way people can buy and sell ETN with their local currencies.

Most countries have Cryptocurrency exchanges with their local fiat pairing.

The ETN team just needs to look at a few of these countries where ETN support is the strongest and list on the local exchanges so people from those places can easily buy and sell.

For instance, Nigeria has a crop of exchanges which supports Naira deposit and withdrawal.

The team can contact some of these exchanges and list ETN, it will make it easier for Nigerians to buy with their local currency.

Same will apply to other countries.

If this is done, it will drive up the volume of trade and that can attract bigger exchanges to list ETN.

This is not rocket science, the team just needs to reach out and apply to these exchanges.

Sounds like a good idea.


It is, i checked in a town on ETNeverywhere and found a exchange that do just that.

I think you have a valide point and it is a great idea for some one to start a business that do crypto finance for people. regardless of where in the world. People need a human to take the cash and give them crypto. I hope that is some of the things the ambassador program can kick off


Yes and I hope they see it. We can’t lose the backing of the few committed community members if nothing is nothing is done unless the ETN project goes into oblivion.

Now is the time for the ETN team to make it easier for more people to buy and sell ETN.


This is a good one too but we need exchange where one can easily trade and that is accessible.


Yeah its a great idea for sure. I think the team is aware of it though. I do believe that there are a ton of things that can be done and these things require a lot of manpower and time. What I mean to say is the team will have prioritized certain things and then they have allocated manpower to it. In an ideal world they will have tons of extra people to pursue all the different idea but I think its a lot easier said than done. It will happen anyway - its just a matter of time but yeah this idea is great !!!


Yeah, if they are able to achieve this, it will spur more growth for ETN. People want an easy way to buy and sell ETN with their local currencies.

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