Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》4.0


This is the next generation of mobile.
This is run through Elastos Runtime

So to put it simply there are three seperate Operating Systems.easily toggled betwen the three.
Centre is the standard OS
Left being Decentralized Apps Elastos Ecosystem-Cyber Republic
Right for web apps.web3.0》:chipmunk::chipmunk:
To be noted they all run through Elastos Runtime-the secure server (node)
I do know as mentioned above there are one million nodes out already in the form of set top boxes- these are currently being tested.
Android is being tested and at last count there weren’t enough IOS units to test yet.
There is also in car tech as well.
All in the form of nodes and together forming a mesh network of servers.
You will see features of this tech in the slides above.
As more development comes to hand I will post the bigger picture!








Patent Applications-adoption


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MVNE digital economy


I like it when smart people use their heads THX this is some input that opens the view on blockchain


Thanks @PrestoCrypto + @B.F.A for your positive input.
The information and statistics in this topic are designed to give people some sort of realistic view on"What’s Hot &Whats Not"
A simple explanation of just what the Blockchain is,what it does and where its heading…The future.
Based upon factors such as investment and sentiment ,Interest in patents …etc etc.
More to be added as it comes to hand.


This is great stuff. :blush:. Future



Biometric ID came before Social I worked on it in 2000 at Intel


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