Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》4.0


Yeah , very much … yeah…

Skynet is nearly here


:ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


Yes @Plankton
Sorry I posted that with little information…
Had to go out for a while!
The idea behind Skynet I"ll leave to @J5Alive to describe.
The land mesh network which extends to in car technology and smart city technology (Elastos)
Comprises of a mesh network of( so far) one million secure servers…


Me and @J5Alive have spoken about several thechy things but i done recall skynet …

I love tech , the more futuristic the better …

That sounds amazing , driverless cars etc


In car tech as above, driverless cars also.
In car purchases!..Thinking cap on now?
Al the things you credit card or cryptocurrency covers…securely.
Securely because you own the" key"(your face, , fingers) plus a 2FA I would think.
Securely because its encrypted.
More to follow on the secure server. (Node) soon.
Stay tuned!


Will do , id love to have the net in the car … would be interesting but possibly distracting . Id be on here all the time haha


Youll love the new foldable screens Chris.
Wow new tech is really evolving fast


Yeah ive seen them they look great , dont like the screen folding on the outside though , i would of preferred a wallet style inside protection… well that was the one i saw


This is entry level to what Ive seen!


Cool , that looks pretty funky


You mean Skynet from The Terminator 2? Pretty much having a defensive computer system come online and become self aware and wipe out human existence.


I thought they were referring to the name of the rocket program that they are launching internet 3 satellites on!!
Haha, not much of a movie buff!


Oh lol, actually you’re probably right. I do follow many things space but honestly there’s so much happening with it these days it’s hard to keep up with it all.

But I bet they did take the name from the film Lol.


Elastos is the “Cyber Republic”.
Thats" MeshNet "
Suppose if it was subsea servers it would be “FishNet”?


Lol, that would certainly fit well. I think I read a little on Elastos a while ago, another thing I’ll need to look back into.





In the old days, the mechanics that did repair typewriters was the best mechanics with the best pay and they was really good in a high end job, where are they to day? and so it will be with many profession that you describe in this thread…future is coming and changes are a result of that. i Love to read this thread so great work :+1:


Yes @B.F.A, correct to say that the amount of manual labour we will do in the future will decrease.
To say that technology will take our jobs is wrong because new technology brings with it a whole new generation of service industries