Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》4.0


Since I see robots! I just wanted to drop this in for fun. :grin:









Now this is a brilliant article that describes exactly what a DEX such as wavesplatform.com is doing at the moment.
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I enjoy this one a lot :+1: If you look at all the different sectors of real use cases, look at how many are tapping into multiple real use cases. Now I think of where Electroneum will be amongst these real use cases and the benefit of having a ecosystem to provide many use cases all in one platform. Great charts @Pahini each fascinating in their own way! Keep them coming :+1:


The one I really like of the latest is the IOT one
Post #39 growth of the Internet Of Things
Thats the connection of devices across secure servers.
Satellites and ground level “mesh” networks.
Examples are Holochain Elastos


Surely these new delivery systems cost more than drivers and a van … easily lost stolen etc … .


Youd really be surprised. The price of tech gets cheaper and cheaper as the cost of wages and fuel goes up.


The need of use of the blockchain in tech is described great by this picture.


Yup , ok lol . Blockchain tech is the future then…

I suppose i better learn about it hahah…


Better to learn about it before it learns about you :eyes: