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Are you aware that they have just released “smart uniforms” in China.
Yes, Shool uniforms tha report on the childs whereabouts and class attendance.
Whilst this may seem invasive to some of us.
Imagine what it is like to have to control a pulation the size of China.
China works on a Social Identity card.tied in to facial recognition and gate measuring technology…
Inother words they can tell who you are by the way you walk.
Its not all bad, those who abide by the system and conform can partake in freedom and fairly lavish social activities.
Its all about self policing, well , thats the way I like to phrase it rather than just “Big Brother”.
Recently they have opened up crypto exchanges for trading (fully regulated of course).
No privacy coins allowed.
You must register with each exchange you wish to trade with then wait one month for approval.
So for a large trade volume that we lost with china, slowly but surely it will return.