Everyone in the community should do KYC

Everyone do your kyc and also encourage others to do it. We all waited for this deals to kick in and its time we get this.
There is a lot of Fud and there will me more but the three arrows must stick together and work the etn team. Good things are ahead.
Thanks :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:

& Remember, Don’t believe in a coin, believe in the team working behind it

Where should we do our Kyc? The app says nothing about it.

EDIT : WHOOOPS I missed the update, nevermind :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

KYC is D-day, the day that changed the world.


I think we can do the Yoti recognition thing, then wait for the soft launch on Monday to give us further directions?

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Its best to wait for further instructions in my opinion.

yea i will wait for the soft launch

You can already do all the steps on Yoti to be ready or can wait till further notice on Monday :wink:


I agree. There are ALOT of fudsters who probably don’t even own any coins. I don’t mind if someone complains and is a legitimate member of the community, but too much manipulation by people just trying to disrupt, not help.

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telegram really took advantage of our community, at least here we know we are real people not bots or pump and dump groups and the rest of it.

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I am Kyc level 2, I am good so far

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