Everyday one more user movement


To be successful, one more users we need.

So I suggest we make one more users
everyday by our own.
We can do it and we can make better world.

Start from family, friends, or work place, etc.

What about my idea?


I like it and i try to do that everytime i got a chance. If 1000 do 2. and so on. 2K 4K 8K 16K 32K 64K 128K…


Good idea. Just managed to have 2 friends download the app and are mining atm. Yaay.


Everywhere I go it’s like I am the church of ETN spreading the Gospel of why this coin kicks butt! The community is awesome and I have no doubt we are going to the stratosphere!!!


I am spreading the word as much as i can around also and people are very interested especially with the mobile miner since its so easy to use without much hassle they can have their first crypto :sunglasses:


Agreed I have a lot of people at work using it now, that are enjoying their introduction into cryptocurrency because it is not overly difficult.


I talk about it with a lot of people but most people think I’m crazy.lol


then imagine their response when you cash out down the road. The most difficult victory I had to attain was winning my wife over. Let’s just say she had some choice words for me and crazy was just getting started. I knew she would be like that. She has always viewed traditional banking practices as safe and where you should be banking. When I had her sit down and showed her profit I had actually put in our bank account from my cryptocurrency activity ( I really wanted to hodl but I had to show her proof) she blinked a few times, started laughing and told me to keep doing what I was doing. Now we have travelled the world and enjoyed some of the much nicer things in life due to me being involved in cryptocurrency and ETN specifically has helped me in that endeavour. (I bought in, in I.C.O.stage) So let people think you are crazy then ask them five years from now why they are still working their 13 dollar an hour job while you live the life you desire. Who’s crazy then???


Why I like this so much now is that when people talk smack about cryptocurrency, my wife kick’s their ass. Metaphorically speaking lol. You see where ETN will win is that they are winning over people one person at a time and as more migrate to understanding the basic lesson here which is really live the life you desire they will be free from what has been holding them back. As that mass adoption kicks in each day further, and as more people truly understand what they can accomplish (and are actually doing those things to enrich their lives, like travelling., starting their own businesses, using the coin as it was intended to be used, etc) Then we will see explosive growth unlike anything the world has witnessed before. For this reason I am excited and truly one of the biggest ETN fans EVER!!!


Same pal but keep planting the seeds, they will slowly grow and blossom.