Etn's current place in the market

Hello, fellow enthousiasts on this journey.

I wanted to start saying last week has been another week of great progress, the new website is just magnificent the amount of info on etn available is huge every aspect one could think of has been appointed and explained just perfect. The ios app going live is another great achievement it has been a very long time but its here.
Progress is being made each and every day i could not be more confident in etns long term plan as of right now.

Id like to hear your thoughts on etn’s current place in the market because i really am baffled we are not in top 20 yet.
We have had an extraordinary year of progress and moving forward how can it be that none of that seems to have any noticable effect on our position amongst other projects.
Are we still a bit unknown, are people not recognising the potential before them, a 0.007 coin which has very great odds for succes.
Offcourse i think this will change this year but still we are at an heavy discount price…

I am truly excited to be a part of this journey i felt it in my gut since day 1,this has the potential to become massive as a company as an investment and just to use day to day. And amongst all that it could improve a lot of peoples life significantly which makes it all the more awesome.

Thoughts, on our current position as i am curious what you guys think.


The purpose at the moment is to build a product and business that can be easily mass adopted while satisfying government regulations on cryptos, with the KYC/AML. That costs money and so does being listed on all the top exchanges. So in my opinion, it’s been money well spent.

ETN have a plan to create liquidity through the mass adoption, where the unbanked can use their monthly airdrop of etn to buy more mobile phone data. Plus the gig economy and who knows, maybe a gambling website, it could be that, that’s being revealed as one of the two secrete projects they’re working on… hence why they’ll need the staff in the office…Hopefully.

So being listed on the top exchanges, to create traded liquidity, it’s not in etns best interest atm, that’ll come later and for free.

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Most of the first wave products/platforms out this quarter. MWC is the big launch. Watch this space…:slight_smile:

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Hi problem is that still we are giving free crypto for everyone and havent big vendor that accept it so no one need to buy more to use his discount from what he receives via mobile (cloud miner).
For example if we have deal with KFC and you can use our ETN there for hamburger and pomm frites and it costs you 10 $ and you can use coins that you have for free you have a discout for example 30% if you receive 3 dollars worth of ETN coins per month but you need to buy extra 7 dollars of ETN at an exchange.
For now we havent this opportunity and no one want to buy something what you can obtain for free and havent possibility to spend somwhere and use discount like i say… :wink:
But i think that is only matter of time we are 2 800 000 community and big brands come to us… :heart: