- Order and QR-code pusher

Here is a new tool we have developed that could be useful. Its experimental and in a state of BETA but already very functional.

It is very similar to what you have with the “Receive payment” function in the Electroneum App. Its just that this is web based and keeps a nice history etc.

We have also added a function called Order Push that makes it super easy to send out payment requests if you are for example a takeaway restaurant, hostel or even just a regular ecommerce. Actually any kind of business could have great use of it. I explain here what Order Push does:


The QR-codes are generated via Googles tools


Please post some comments!

This is kinda cool, nice job.

I can see someone using it for cross border personal remittance sending. The person could save their contact that they send to often or maybe even print a business card with the QRC code on it and contact name.

Would work until contact functionality is added to the wallet app…so maybe also an option just to generate the QRC code with the receivers address and let the person add the amount manually in the app after scanning the code.

The only other way to do it right now if the person you are sending to isn’t with you is for them to send you a screen shot of their code, or copy n paste of their wallet address and send it to you.

I may be a smartphone dummy, actually I kind of am… but how do you scan an image on your phone if it’s on your phone without jumping through hoops like emailing it to yourself on a PC or using a second device ha.

So something like this is just cool and probably has many handy ETN uses yet to be discovered.


If I remember correctly, the ETN team originally used the same google tools QRC generator in the app, but had to change what tool they used to generate codes because the google tools one was outdated…something like that. I’m not sure what they switched to. You’d have to ask someone, maybe Oliver or Andre can find out for you.

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Actually that is great input - when generating QR-codes “as a vendor” you can get a link that is pressable from a phone. It should open the app directly and just ask you to confirm. I will look into this…

I do not think that is possible with a “personal” QR-code, as those are just wallet ids and amounts.

About the QR code generator - yes there are many options. I wanted a “secure” and known brand (Google) one as that is probably not a service trying to manipulate data to steal coins or something.

But there are possibilities to run a generator on the server itself - there are PHP and other based ones that can do it internally quite easy (and should be super super fast also).


I have a friend that recently started a food service with free delivery in the Philippines, She takes orders online, then prepares the meals and delivers them.

I’ve been trying to get her to accept and promote ETN in her new business. I’m close to convincing her.

She obviously can use the app upon delivery if the customer wants to pay in ETN…but not so easy to social distance that way and you have to HOPE the person is going to pay after you go through the trouble to deliver it.

My point is maybe she could use this to accept prepayment at time of the order online. Her prices and menu probably changes often. It was just a response to being out of work there and I think I may have inspired her after telling her about my odd experiences with Door Dash, Grub Hub and instacart. Most those delivery drivers think it’s curbside delivery, don’t like to climb stairs I guess.


This was super easy to add.

If you create a QR-code as a vendor (added your Outlet ID in the Profile settings) you get this input field which is super easy to copy to clipboard. Then you can just send this to anyone via sms,email,whatsapp,messenger etc.


Awesome job!!! @cnorin


Perfect timing …

This looks amazing… great job @cnorin


This is a really useful thing we added to here. A function to easily take any kind of orders and push out ETN payment requests via text message, email or URL to whatsapp/messenger etc etc…

Please let me explain here:

What do you guys think? @Dngruss I think this is the solution for that food business in the Philippines…


Tweeted out…

Looks pretty darn good :+1:


Looks great, we’ll done :smiley:


That is awesome man. Really nice job. I still haven’t convinced her to take ETN, but if one day she does, this would be perfect for her initial needs.

Pretty cool, thanks for making it happen.

Her main issue is no quick, easy, painless way to convert ETN into local fiat or USD and the volatility scares her a little. Right now since things are tight at the moment. But she sees the huge potential for ETN, just wants to wait until it matures a little in her area.

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