ETN'll be the futur uber of western union payment thats why they got to have that KYC in place


i really think etn will be the future of crypto payment in the third world.

i was thinking that etn is going to be the futur uber of western union payment. It is going to be a revolution in the third world and then in the developed countries like in europe etc peoples will start to see the usefull side of it and start to use it !

people who are woundering why ETN need the KYC dont understand what means running a compagnie for real is .

that is not a crypto that it has bean created to be used just by the geeks around the world but a crypto planed to be masse adopted .
and for that they have to go under regulation , among all if they want to sign contract with other companies !!!

tell me what u guys think!
(sorry for my bad writing)


Of course they are doing nice job


Yes, but in my country Indonesia Crypto is still illegal for payment.:expressionless:


once they go under gov reglm i bet it ll be ok for etn even theyre.
cause they will know who is doing the payment etc .


That will be the dream! Sending money shouldnt be difficult! Too many greedy middlemen crypto will change that, hope Electroneum takes the lead


I agree! I believe that at the base there must already exist partnerships that will be activated or literally accomplished only after being authorized with KYC.


once kyc is implemented and big companies attach themselves to etn, governments will fall in line.


I think KYC will be great not only for new partnerships but also for country’s that might have banned Crypto in general now with KYC and regulation in place for ETN even in Indonesia or other country’s they might actually Start to accept a currency like ETN and for that to happen ETN need to have regulations in place for Goverments to actually want to accept them so i think its needed for ETN to achieve the Mass adoption they want to aim for in the future :sunglasses:


a friend from work just came back from a 6 week holiday to visit family in Pakistan, he told me about this thing called electroneum that they told him, he said he can buy this thing called electroneum and send it to his family, instead of using western union. Man i had this crazy grin going on!!


Thats Awesome @a46d780ca9c84529fd78 slowly people Will get to know ETN and Will be adopted widely :blush:


Many of the other crypts are good for the pump and dumo, which is fine, that’s their real purpose … But etn has a unique project of mass adoption via mobile. How can you not see the difference?


correct. when i send money via western union they want my ID also.