ETNCommerce - Free Open-Source Quickstart eCommerce Package


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Would like to present ETNCommerce ( for this community. It’s a free open-source package with pre-configured and pre-installed Electroneum Instant Payment method. Its built-on Joomla CMS and with extensions installed for flexible and easy handling. We have built successful eCommerce website on this recipe for a few years now in the name of and we though this combination of free software (with the Electroneum API integration) could benefit many.

If you are into Joomla CMS we have also released the Electroneum based plugins as free downloads on so that you can build the same setup as ETNCommerce put with “your own recipe” of extensions and templates.

I will use this thread to post updates and fixes to the package. When it comes to technical questions and other things I would prefer we keep those in the forum that is setup on As it will only get very cluttered in this thread.

We are currently working on getting all the video tutorials up. It will take a few weeks but the will start to get uploaded on our Youtube channel next week. Until then we dont have much documentation or how-to tutorials up. But please don’t be discouraged - download it and give it a spin in a local XAMPP web server.



To the moon!

I came across this video for a full downloadable package to integrate etn to online shop in minutes what do you think ? Etncommerce
Have you heard of ETNcommerce?

Well Done. Keep up the good work.



This is awesome great work :smiley:


Bu başarı hikayesine tanık olmak beni çok mutlu ediyor


Nice Work! It works with Shopify ?


No Shopify is a service you subscribe to via This is a package of some open-source software.

Both have their benefits. Shopify is very easy to get going and has a very easy to learn user-interface. You also have very easy ready integrations to other systems like ERPs and accounting services. However as you grow things get more and more expensive because you need to add more services and most of them are subscription/fee based.

With a open-soruce solution you dont have any fees you are more free. But you might need to do a little more research and put some more time to get things configured and ready. However you can setup a incredibly feature rich eCommerce platform that has no recurring fees at all.

The idea of having a low-cost hosting with a open-source software with no recurring fees - no payment “middle man” eating percentage of every transactions is very interesting.

During the next few weeks we will produce and post the How-To video tutorials on Youtube. We hope that those can help some to get going.

There are many open-source alternatives you should look into:
Magento (now owned by Adobe), OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce… and lots more

We are “bullish” on Joomla CMS as our name suggests :smiley:


Why Joomla :sob: Im a Webdeveloper and all our Customers use Wordpress with their Shops so i could get a lot of local retailers to accept ETN on WooCommerce :frowning:


As an IT-Company we also have a Webshop and we are selling Serverhardware, GraphicCards, Firewalls, Surveillance Systems, all that could be bought with ETN if you just used WordPress and not Joomla :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway well done, im working on a “GameItems to ETN exchange” :slight_smile:


Yea please make a tut for noobs like me :slight_smile:


This is the beauty of Open-Source - there are many options! For WooCommerce you can check out payment plugin option.

We feel Joomla is a much better CMS than Wordpress (even though Wordpress is way more popular). I am personally not very interested in the path Wordpress is taken with the Gutenberg updates. The fork addresses this and thats very interesting as a future alternative.

Joomla 4 is just around the corner and we really love the sofisticated framework, features and the lovely Bootstrap 4 backend template that it comes with. We really like this and we strongly believe that Joomla will have a large role in the future open-source CMS platforms.


They will be rolling out next week!


Brilliant work and great gift to the community.


Well Done.:ok_hand:great work


Splendid! Very neat product, great work.


First tutorial: How to install in localhost/XAMPP


Joomla Electroneum Donate Plugin explanation video:

It comes with the ETNCommerce package but is also a free standalone plugin for Joomla CMS to easily get donations. Watch video for more information on how to setup and configure.


Could you put a number of downloads counter on your website? It would let the community know how much adoption this is getting.


@cnorin Great work here! As someone in the very same field, I have to congratulate you on your efforts.

Also, having worked in both, I would choose Joomla over WordPress any day. It simply is a more powerful CMS when all is considered.


Fantastic! We need more people doing this kind of stuff! Hell YA good on you!!!


yes I have that number in the backend. Will see if I can move that to frontend next week!