#ETN242 - Post your effort here


Hello Everyone.

It would be really cool if everyone could share the image, video, ppt or post that was entered for the #ETN242 competition. I congratulate everyone who won the competition, however, I am sure, other competitors must have done a good job.

This was my work


Your video is nice @ManzAli :grinning:


nice video presentation @ManzAli


@PHXInvestors @kaiser24

Thank you :slight_smile:


Came across this on twitter:

Ode to Electroneum

Electroneum is a crypto that is cool and brash.
A crypto that could be a real alternative to cash.

It has been around for a very short time.
The team behind it are so hard working just so fine.

In the coming weeks and months hopefully it gathers mass market traction.

Cost per transaction is of a coin a mere fraction.

A blockchain with increasing purpose and functionality.

A currency that doesn’t discriminate regardless of nationality.

Adoption is hoped by hundreds of thousands unbanked.

When this occurs ETN will be anything but unthanked.

So all and sundry in this colourful community of ours.

Lets support and get behind it and let’s see how it flourishes and flowers.


That one was nice @ENTMan :grin:


Thank you!! @PHXInvestors