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Let’s see what we can raise as a community and perhaps you could do either a few giveaways or one giant Christmas day one? Incoming ETN for the cause brother.


Great, I loved the idea, let’s make some happy people happy. This is the spirit of Christmas.


Waiting for my 100 days badge that gives me Badge Guru status I believe. Not far behind @Mr.CryptoCZ


Calling all supporters! Please think about donating to @Nascimento s ETN Christmas giveaway for the Electroneum Brasil channel, lets give someone a nice present or even some people nice presents in this season of goodwill, even if you donate your mobile miner payout of 10 ETN it all adds up. It is not what you get, it’s what you give that counts in life and not just at Christmas. One love and many blessings to you all. :beers:


@Emmanuel are you going to do a giveaway for Christmas…even to your enemies! :joy: I will send ETN to the giveaway.


Lol sure they mustn’t be left out


Summary of the special Christmas week. Draw on 24/12/2018 of more than 3.000etn.
Video of today took time to leave but is already in the air. Thank you family!




Woho 4rd time I make it. Another badge for 1000 new visitor here that use my link


Whats a Badge Guru?
Is there a course available?
Do you get a Badge for it?


Badges guru is the most important title here and can be honored only to person who have most badges from whole forum :slight_smile: and now I think that’s me :smiley:


The title Badge Guru belongs to you. @Mr.CryptoCZ
You Deserve a Badge for the promotion of this project on other media channels…


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