ETN World Wide Party


Sure, in fact I will just make a space thread to post anything space related in general including launches as they come.


Absolutely, I can’t even wait do it now,


Thread made, everyone who would like to participate cmon over!


Could be the perfect location?! :heart_eyes:


And there is no dangerous creature that can kill me or make me sick? i am a bit sensitive fore things like that :slight_smile: because the most dangerous creature we got here is the tax man :slight_smile:


Maybe… but us Aussies will keep you safe :smiley: @B.F.A


THX I am really not any tough guy when i am in a environment i have no knowledge about…lol, and i got some great stories about that :innocent:


Do some research, then you’ll be more familiar with the place :wink:
How great would it be to throw a party in a crypto friendly town?!


Good morning Cosmic Priestess!
Morning All!


Good morning Pahini! What do you think, perfect location? :heart_eyes:


I’ll let you Lead and I’ll Follow!!


Singapore the safest place to hold a party . Lots of major crypto exchange is also base in Singapore , we can host a party and invite all the exchange big bosses as well , it will surely create big hype and marketing for ETN. Remember Singapore host the USA / North korea talk as well .


This is perfect. Lets bring it to Australia, Great country with beautiful beaches. The Gold Coast sounds like the perfect location to me. :slight_smile:


Azerbaijan or Turkey


Perhaps one day I will hold a meetup in my beautiful home state of Maine here in the United States too.


Sure, sounds good. We may have to run one a year… or one a month? Or we could just put in to buy an ETN island to call home and celebrate everyday :thinking::thinking:


I agree, once a year would work well I think. Once a month could be a bit tricky due to frequency then again people can choose which ones they could go to easily. Of course once we all meet the goals we’re seeking I think it’s be pretty easy to figure out. Oh an island is a good idea! That could be pretty fun. Check this site out the owner is on I forgot HGTV I think it is? Where they tour around private islands to buy.

I believe this is his site.


Oh gees it looks like blissed out heaven. Yes, we should definitely buy an island :+1:


It’s got a great selection to choose from all around the globe and actually some very reasonably priced ones too, they’re not all insane prices which is nice. So in the future it’s definitely a possibility.


I’ll RSVP now. :wink: The wife and I were just talking about going to Maine this year. In the northeast for the time being, might as well since we’re so close.

Are you coastal or inland? I’ve always heard there’s a difference, more than geography. lol

Outta :hearts: