ETN World Wide Party


We’ve had some great suggestions. I’m thinking we combine them all:
First we start in the UK, somewhere near Electroneum HQ as @B.F.A suggested.
Then we continue on a cruise ship as @Electro-dragon suggested.
And for us beach obsessed people, we finish up at an award winning beach in Portugal.

How does that sound people? And @ETNCEO


That’s just brilliant!


As a Canadian and ETN enthusiast I would love to host a big ass party. I will need to think on this more. Rent a bunch of cabins on an island and have communal barbecue, beer drinking, and socializing going on. Sounds like a fine idea indeed. In fact we could have a different place to party for each month of the calendar year! So that way multiple people from around the world could host their version of a ETN party!


I have hosted to long weekends for the international gaming clan i am a part of, and been ones to uk, can’t wait to we do USA. To meet people around the world with the same dedication as myself is awesome and a lot of fun. One guy from the Netherland wanted to try walking up hill, i live in Norway so we only got up hills LOL. People from UK really like it when i take them to the shooting range, because they have weary strict gun regulation so many have never seen a real gun before, and i am a IPSC shooter and a reserve officer so i got guns and can walk them to a safe and fun gun experience. We have also done hiking and fishing and cooked the food on the campfire while drinking moonshine.


Awesome! I served in the military in my younger days so i am no stranger to guns. I also was a professional chef for 22 years, so doing banquet dinners and the such was a way of life. What I loved most though was doing massive scale Murder Mysteries and dinner theatre events. Always so much fun. I love meeting people and I can really see a large scale party happen when we hit it big! I am so stoked just to be involved! By far the most Fantastic Community EVER!!!


Yes you are right we all gonna be thunder stroked when we meet and with a 100% positive attitude we all getting a experience that no travel agency can deliver and lifetime friends across the globe that only a special event can create.


All great ideas… although I think a gun free shindig might be a better option :flushed:


Yes i think so too. It was what i did last time we had a meat up in my gaming clan, were guns are a frequent subject


I agree.
Guns are good to get meat up
But not good for meet ups.
@Thunder …that sounds really cool


Hey guys vote for ETN in this poll pls :slight_smile: :+1:


I thi k this is a brilliant idea. After all, I want to meet my fellow ETN peeps. :sunglasses::hugs:


@Cosmicrypto great idea! Let’s pick a place!!!


Why not go in deal with nasa so they transport us to any part of the moon for us to host our party
And bring us back to earth?


SpaceX would be a better bet for that one when the Super Heavy Starship is ready. Plus they’re the first ones to master reusable rockets which is super important. If you get a chance, you should watch the Falcon Heavy launch where they land two first stage boosters side by side at the same time, awe inspiring! :grin:


Wow that’s awsome, well let’s buy the space X and we control it since money ain’t going to be problem


It can carry up to 100 passengers at a time and it’s going to be spectacular. Elon plans on using it like a plane as well to bring people all over the world, most destinations will be 30 - 45 minutes max. It’s primary use though long term is to bring people to Mars to start colonizing it.

Take a look at this video, it’s amazing!


Wow, that’s awsome, and we’ll use it to launch etn on space


We’re truly in a new age of space and I’ve gotten totally hooked, I follow as much as I can. Perhaps I’ll make a thread for everyone to watch rocket launches, it’s fun!


Yes that would be fine , I don’t mind if you send me links so I can watch and know about space and space devices


And I don’t mind working with these space factory