ETN World Wide Party


@M-Kid will probably want to lease the space station!
He seems to have space travel on his mind!


Here’s the better version of the Beach-


I’m sure they closed the beach due to excessive levels of tourism after the movie.


im shore they would close the beach due to electroneum holding a world wide party there…to the moon baby…


Let’s just find a replica beach. Lagos, Portugal?


Twelve Apostles, Vic Australia? Of course we’ll have the “tide coming in” issue. Somewhere more open nearby?


A ETN international cruise :ship: :joy:


@Electro-dragon that could be brilliant!


@Electro-dragon That is a really really really good idea!


Or even a yacht party? Surely we’ll all have our own yachts by then. A pier party and byo yacht. Who needs a lambo :joy::motor_boat::sunglasses:


Great Keppel Island Qld Australia

I put this into the ideas topic the other day somewhat hastily.
I thought Id add that this is a place that they tried to fundraise via blockchain to rebuild very recently.
The initial ICO that applied for it was knocked back by the Australian Government.
Im sure it will happen eventually with the right ICO.
Apparently Keppel has been pretty much dormant for the past twenty years.


Well New Zealand has minimal people and beautiful locations if people are interested in the out door vibe.

I’m interested in a beautiful venue that’s nice and bright and not to loud (so we can actually hear each other converse) but aesthetically stimulating.

First thing that comes to mind is somewhere in the UAE

Once we have met each other and wish to continue we could go on ahead and do round 2 some where out doors. West coast of Sri Lanka is a gem and safe.

Thats my 0.000002 btc worth XD


Also theres only eleven apostles now!!
They didnt sell it…it fell over.


I think the cruse thing was a great idea.or at my place…


Love the shirt!!!


Tel Aviv !!!


I suggest that we choose London so we can get the hole ETN team at the party. It could be a nice event with some additional education for developers and a great opportunity for new business contacts. There could also be some tours and a visits to key partners and the ETN headquarter.


Were all busy thinking sunshine and water , tropical…
Many castles exist throughout Europe.
Get Dave Grohl in on the act


This song just took me back in time while dreaming about the future. Who says you can’t be in two places at once?


That’s a really great idea!