ETN will be this prevalent a few years from now


It’s like looking into the future and seeing what Electroneum has the potential to achieve.



With free cloud mining, ETN will create its own demand and use case when the team markets in that region, no doubt in my mind!

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Dream on!   



Who knows. They’d have quite a fight on their hands to take on M-Pesa in Kenya but I’d like to think that Electroneum can and will achieve the same level of success in South Africa, Thialand and all their other target regions.

Seeing how quickly M-Pesa went viral after their first 1M users in 1 year fills me with confidence that electroneum could do the same with their 3 million users in just over a year, not to mention their far superior product.

The M-Pesa CEO stated that getting agents on board was the most important part of developing the payment network and I believe that’s what Electroneum are doing right now with boots on the ground in SA.

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No doubt that the dollar parity will be a conservative value in a near future.
Stay strong and HODL.