ETN where to store my ETN in safe way?


I am holder of ETN, I have bought true Kucoin and all my ETN are at the moment in my Kucoin account except my mobile mined ETN who are in my Electroneum wallet. Where is the safest place to store my ETN, in my Kucoin account? in my Electroneum wallet? Any comments toughts about that?


Bro keep them in the Electroneum online wallet


Paper Wallet, unhackable storage system.


Storage type in order of safety (safest method first):

  1. Paper wallet. (make sure to create and store it properly - i.e. offline, VM if possible etc)
  2. my.electroneum wallet
  3. CLI desktop wallet (if you secure your own PC properly) or on exchange (100% cold storage and regulated company)
  4. Other exchanges (Kucoin, cryptopia etc)


I keep them on cryptopia. Isn’t it safe?


Until it will be hacked… (like many others)


@Stefo I would not advise holding coins on an exchange for long periods of time. See list above.


What if i store on the ELECTRONEUM app wallet? Is it more safe? Thank u all


Much safer than Cryptopia. Like the list above shows.

But nothing is more safe than a paper wallet created and stored properly.


Store it in wallet it’s safest that’s if u can’t create offline wallet properly.
Of online wallet got hacked electroneum team will replace your coins


Not sure that’s true Emmanuel. I’ve never seen this stated anywhere. In fact never seen any company state that…exchanges etc.

That’s why paper wallet is always recommended for long term storage…as nothing online is 100% safe.


Bro your right I said it from imagination.
But I’m sure the electroneum officials are doing what it takes to make the online wallet secure and safe


I less forget today’s my birthday :heart_eyes:


No, I’ve been hacked on Cryptopia.


This needs an extra security feature. Anyone can access the paper wallet if they find it.


Yes, if you drop papero wallet everywhere… I’ve put it in a safe place where only me and my wife can take it


Online wallet is safe enough, it was already verified by hackerone.