ETN wallet not receiving etn


I have had atm sent to me within the last 3 days and it is not showing on my wallet that I receive it. It has been slow ever since the instant payment came out. And now I am not receiving the fund sent to me at all. Can someone help plz


Weird it is there now. I refreshed my app like 1p times this morning and even signed in on another comp and it wasn’t there. Then I just posted went back to my app refreshed and it’s there. Is the updating of the blockchain just slow on the app some times?


Yeah , especially if there are lots of transactions happening at the same time.
I’ve been waiting 2 days for mine to goto my wallet.
Not worried at all , were still growing and with every update it gets better and better.

Isn’t it typical though , it’s like waiting for a bus you wait ages then decide to walk then 3 drive past you hahahhahaha