ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


I’m looking at the engagement of the other communities
Looks like we have a really good headstart…
Each round will or should get harder and each round we gain more followers and more investors.
There may be no physical prize in the end…
We dont need one…we’ve got Electroneum


So John Dough doesn’t recognize what’s the problem BECAUSE he just wanted RTs/LIKEs to his tweet and that’s NOT “extra vote” actually.

Is it true?


It might be. Lets just win and get over this


Quite possibly to avoid Electroneum bots voting on our behalf .
Its all good, We got this thing!


So here it is guys!:slight_smile: lets rock :wink:
@Mr.CryptoCZ you know what you have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Also dont forget to retweet, but forget to leave a like :stuck_out_tongue: (shi*y rules)…


Im up there voted with a comment.
Retweeted and all our supporting community got :heart:
Thanks @KarEnTam


I bet that in finals, that guy will give additional vote for Electra/RT and for ETN/like because he owns electra and wants it to win…:triumph:


Just now…


@Mr.CryptoCZ is still hasnt bring his army, once it does we should see nice growth in numbers :slight_smile:


Its only 8am in London.
Friday is news day !


yes, some news combined with the first KYC crypto in some big media would be outstanding :))


I just voted and retweeted, we got a bit of catching up to do. Let’s make it happen!

Current results:



Now it’s 45% for ETN. I was on holiday… Just joined now… It seems that all altcoin go against us :smiley:


At the end we can just claim a revote like the other coins have done to us


Welcome, help us bring ETN back to the lead :)))


Going by the recent vote theres at least 400 voices left to speak for Electroneum.
I apologise, I thought I had followed you already…now I have done so.


A see no point in doing that. We are getting near finals and will alway have someone against us…if we win, good, if we dont also. We got attention an exposure and thats a lot for Electroneum :slight_smile:
I would be really happy if we do win. :slight_smile:
Lets see if we can make it


More free advertising in a revote!
It would be good just to move forward.
Which we are… as you say …win or no win!!


In the end we always catch them. :joy:
Well done!


Whooshka! ,! Go Electroneum Go!