ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Ok, its not over yet, but I am sure it wont turn the other way, so our next target is Pundi X.

Prepare for it :slight_smile: lets bring ETN to the WIN :slight_smile:


We won 52/48.Final results.
Fantastic effort from this awesome community.
Well done.
Special thanks to the silent voters and
To those whom I sent invitations and PM’s
Now as for Pundi X
Lets Lock and Load!!


Congrats everyone on coming together to win yet again!

We’ll win against Pundi X too @Pahini just watch.


I got a funny response on Twitter to my post on the poll.

This guy thinks KYC is questionable, just goes to show there are still many in the crypto community
whom don’t understand privacy coins aren’t going to mass adopt it simply won’t occur long term. I also pointed out on another comment about how real mining isn’t viable via phone and the fact that the Apple IOS Store & the Google Play stores both banned real mining, so good luck to them on that in the long run.

Very few have done their homework on ETN and really delved into it, if they did I don’t think most
would have the perspectives they do on it. They’re certainly gong to be surprised when ETN climbs to the top.


dont worry, guys like him will punch their heads for not investing in KYC/AML coin. I am pretty sure about that…


I also dont get the whole picture of mining on phone…why would I even want to do that on the phone? to get even shorter battery life?

If you want to mine, mine with ASIC, or gpu…but not on the phone.


I agree 100% they’ll miss out on a coin like ETN you’re right there for sure just wait haha.

They said somewhere on one of the post they created some type of special algorithm or something to mine, I don’t recalled exactly now but either way real mining is banned in both of the biggest app stores so it won’t get far in regards to mass adoption, they think it’s an asset when it’s actually a huge handicap.

You’re right, I highly doubt they found some way to make it so it doesn’t strain the hardware and battery significantly.


I first thought that KYC/AML is not a good idea, but when Richard and Chris G. told how the situation is, it made a lot more sense, this is the KEY to success. And the best part is, ETN is going to be the first in few days. I belive we may be visible on some big media news. This would be great in my oppinion.


It’s unheard of in the crypto space, I didn’t mind when I heard it although it was a bumpy start with Yoti, it seems to be smoothing out now that they’ve had some time. Yep, ETN is actually a true pioneer in the industry and that puts it in a unique position. They really have a chance to be a top 3 crypto indefinitely with this route in my opinion, I think it’s going to be A LOT more valuable and far larger than most are expecting.

I fully get too that people hate handing out their info especially in today’s day and age. So much private data being exploited and abused etc, but in this case if we want crypto getting to the 99% it’s a must. Honestly I trust Richard at this point, I feel he’s an honest guy with good intentions.


I 100% agree with you :)) I am a so happy, that I invested in this. From week to week I am more confident in this project, and definitely all in on ETN


You know, I got into BTC a little bit years ago then lost interest in cryptos quite a while. But when I read ETN’s whitepaper and looked into Richard I was really impressed. It was the first ICO out of all of them I saw I felt had true potential to mass adopt thus making it the very first ICO I chose to participate in.

For a crypto to catch my interest these days it takes A LOT, the vast majority besides a few I see as only catering to the current crypto community. ETN had a very different feel to it in my opinion none of the others had. I followed my instincts on it and don’t regret it at all. We haven’t even begun to see where this coin and company is going.

The ones who dismiss it will kick themselves like the 10k bitcoin pizza guy haha.


Very good reply to that individual.
For us to succeed I think it best to embrace and educate our unknowing crypto brothers.
You probably swung a few more votes for the next votes just by being civil.
Were not just replying to one individual.
Keeping the emotions out of the response speaks volumes to others.
Well done!


They are liking after the vote finishied. I’m sure it was 120 or so. It doesn’t count, does it? :slight_smile:


Haha no thats probably just us!
Did you know that the other vote going on only got 187 votes in total? VE Chain vs Stellar.


It’s increasing by no tweet users now 315 likes so I don’t think that’s us.
I don’t think that’s a serious problem though unless John Dough is confused at it :wink:


Thank you very much and I agree on that. There is far too much hostility in the crypto community so I didn’t want to come back at him over emotional. It was clear he hadn’t done his due diligence so I educated him a bit on the facts. I hope I did sway a few, people from our community should always try to give a positive response even when they say something ridiculous and inaccurate.

We always need to hold in mind when some of us are so active in spreading the word about ETN to represent it well. It will reflect on the community much better when we simply correct people in a polite manner. I just think civility is important in today’s world more than ever before.


Have someone the printscrean of the Final result with number of rt and likes when we finnis this battle?


Get ready, round 4 should start soon.
I think our competitor in Finals will be Electra


I have left a comment , Thanks @KarEnTam
We get stronger every vote.
Our community grows daily.


If there is a heart, there is Pahini :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, we will win this, no doubt.