ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Electroneum Community like…Screenshot_2018-11-26-07-31-27-1


We won again! :smiley: hopefully we wont have another round with Digibyte!

Already posted this, but it deserves one more time :smiley:


Takes two To Tango!
:heart:Well done Community Electroneum​:heart:we won!Screenshot_2018-11-13-12-19-32-1


And we took the win again as I suspected we would and with a significant handicap at that! Well done everyone and let’s take the next win too. Next round is today, I’ll keep my eyes open for the post.


round 3 is here…again this joke with retweet and like… But lets crush it again!


Simulated Mobile Mining?
Not on my watch!


Its only going to get nastier as the gap widens.
Lets all try and keep it to the facts.
That simulated mining comment really stung me bad.
I tried to contain my emotion in the reply.
Its hard sometimes.
Lets have a nice clean vote everyone…
Dont fall victim to the slander like I did.!
Great work everyone who has voted!
Thanks to Richard and the Team for a fantastic Partnership Announcement.
:heart: and retweet Electroneum :heart:


I did chech stellite website, and its definitely nothing special…


I just voted and retweeted to get get some more votes! Here are the current results.


Dont let the current vote phase you.
That will turn around pretty quick once the news gets around our community.
Ive alerted the fellow squirrels!
We got this by the nuts.


Yes, dgb both times was in the lead for the first day…then we chased it down!


Its simply the time zones at play.
@Annastasia I believe mentioned we tend to vote up a bit later on.


Yeah most members are only now waking up and still sleeping


But don’t forget now it’s counting only retweet so no like to officiall post (pool) and please add comments and like all ETN comments to show how incredible community we are :heart:


I have been busy doing the :heart: thing on twitter.
Trying to support where possible.


Like i said…they were in the lead…but we are coming to get them !:smiley: well done @Mr.CryptoCZ and the rest!


Boom! We’re in the lead as of now. :grin:


So whats with this …Retweets vs :heart: ?
We’re currently double stellite at 224 vs 112…
How does this equate to 51% vs 49%???


Still winning. Keep voting guys 52% to 48%. 11hrs left!:sunglasses:


Are you there @Annastasia
Richard Branson !!