ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


“Voting traffic”… in my opinion no…


I just voted and taking away retweet for ETN is cheating if that makes it count for DGB. John needs to learn to run an honest vote, DGB lost plain and simple.

Current Results:



Now its 51:49 we need more votes and this competition help us to be more visible. By the tweets we are now 9Th crypto from whole market and we beat TRON!


Its now 50/50:D they must feel terrible :smiley:


It’s me… I’m not so active but I’m here everyday… Am I not legit?


They’re just trying to get the vote thrown again since we hit 50/50 and likely to win a second time in a row honestly. I mean do they not realize not everyone is on Twitter and some are just getting into it? I used to have an account years ago quit and made the one I got now earlier this year.


Lets show them how strong our community is. They will always look for things they can put on…
I am sure we have this vote already…again :smiley:


There is at least 70% of ETN retweets i would say, so who is not legit here? :smiley:

we give them bonus and they still cant win this…what a shame :stuck_out_tongue:


And a few still won’t shut up about bots, we simply have a more powerful community. They started real polite and soon as we won that changed at least for the Digi Twitter supporters real fast. :exploding_head:


Do you think we should Tweet and ask the Referee to stop the fight before someone gets hurt?


I think it too late for that :smiley:


We had ten votes since I posted that on the dump club !!


If youre following me then you must be legit .!
Otherwise you are a stalker and a Double-Agent for Digibyte!


Wooohooo still cracking along,


And as I suspected due to our community being vast we’ve pulled ahead! We got the likes and the vote in the lead.



So from total 1050 votes for each we can say that we have 50% of bots and DGB have 70% of bots.
Or people who coundnt read and touch the RIGHT button :smiley:
Last 6 hours join everybody please and support us.


Would suggest to delete as much retweets the last hour. So we give them big defeat :blush::blush:


That was a ridiculous handicap from John although in the end as we’re seeing it’s making no difference and it looks like we’ll win yet again. I also bet they’ll scream BOTS! just because they lost.


1 Hour left !!


Can we celebrate again? :joy::joy:

this is one clean win!

DGB communit is now like