ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Very true , in this day and age we should be working together on fixing poverty , starvation etc . This planet could be amazing again


Are you aware that with the inception of one million kelp farms worldwide we can reverse the damage caused on this planet by stripping rainforests?
Out of those milllion kelp farms other marine creatures are harvested as a food source.thus paying for the initial setup and maintenance multiple times over.
A Million might seem like a few.
If every nation takes on their share, it becomes an extremely viable prospect.
Days gone by an army of humans designed and built the pyramids all for their rulers.
Surely today an army of humans can work together to save the planet.


I pay close attention to anything that helps combat climate change and betters the planet. Here’s an interesting company for you to take a look at.

That said, with the incredible advancement of technology I think we’ll be fine in the end. I always try to keep an optimist outlook on the future. Although we need to stop stripping the rain forest imo, they should all be protected. I’m against the vast deforestation going on in the world right now.

But those things aside, I love science and innovation and follow a plethora of fascinating things working on all these problems. I firmly believe we’ll overcome all the obstacles we have. :grin:

I love these topics, but better to start a topic in the none etn discussion area so we don’t derail the thread too.


Thats it.
Thanks, I was busy surfing around trying to find one.
There’s an Australian startup I cant put my finger on right now.
Its an awesome setup.virtually self sustaining.
Unlike us.
In the global financial crisis of 2009 we lost 1/3 of the Amazon rainforest…in search of Gold.
Time to give back to the earth what is rightfully hers.
Sorry out of :heart: again!


Don’t get me started on the Amazon , why oh why they allow the planets climate controller to be demolished every day is beyond me . This planets going to end up like our old place…



This should be easy :wink:


Thanks @KarEnTam
You know, If we romp through the fourth round.,
With a couple of well timed developments hitting the media spotlight., a bit of a price rise.
We may just have a chance at pulling off round 5& 6
Its only going to be sheer numbers of investors that will stop us.
With the right sort of announcement through multiple Youtubers,anyting could happen!!


I too helped with posted to 6 big Facebook groups and too very active at Twitter… Join my army. Thanks all for participating :slight_smile:
You all need receive a big thanks because we are
We are the power.
Don’t forget together we are unstoppable.
:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


@Annastasia was a quiet achiever and deserves a shout out for her efforts too.
If we lay out the foundations this time…more people sign up for a twitter account we will blitz this thing!


Awww thanks @Pahini
ETN Army is Strong :smiley:


You ready for the next one?
Lets do it folks …sooooon!


Yeah, cant wait for finale! :stuck_out_tongue:


They given us a date yet .?


Nope, will let you know…



What the hell?

Well, get ready…


Go vote again!


This is a joke. We cannot retweet else it counts for dgb. We are only allowed to like. What a one sided voting system


Yep, i bet he owns DGB…


Was there even a reason for revoting?