ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Yes, like i said, digibyte is running out of community;)
Etn community is huge!


Lol we sure aren’t! We’ve got plenty to share with still. We have more than most out there but I think sometimes we just don’t really have a chance to get the word out enough to the majority of the community.


Digibyte fans/owners 2day ago we sure they have a win. Thats why i am even more pleased we catched them :wink:


I agree, it’s quite gratifying to see when we catch up like that.


It would not suprise me they started to use bots for votes…damn be them


according to my calculations, we are behind with 54 votes to have a tie.


Definitely using bots, in a matter of minutes, they accumulated 60 more votes pushing us back to 48% (110 votes behind)


Yes…pure bot work…f*** them!


Letss hold it now! What happens if we are 50/50?



We did beat Digibyte! what a batlle it was. Digibyte community didnt expect us to come so close after them, and even surpass them.

What a WIN! Great job to all the community! :))

Now, lets ride this to the FINALS!


Massive effort from the Electroneum community.!!
That was epic.
Great efforts from @KarEnTam et al. To really get the cat swinging.
This is the sort of gig that though only small in proportion to some campaigns is super beneficial to gaining the recognition that the Electroneum project truly deserves!
Well done people!


I will say a well deserved win. Was a tough fight. Good to know our community can over come the twitter bots



How did he knew? :joy:


Well done everyone sharing and bringing people to the vote! That was neck at neck till the end.


Guys i spent whole night on Twitter with my “The Electroneum Mirror” in order to Tweet my “vote for ETN campaign” everywhere i could :smiley:


WE WON, WE WON!! :heart::heart:Screenshot_2018-11-13-12-19-32-1


You did well, top effort.
I saw many in the community went all out.
Was a beautiful noise!


Yes, when we were 33/67 i didnt think its possible to catch them up. But we did thanks to all! This once again proves, that ETN community even only 1 year old is so massive that we can beat everyone.

Thanks to all once again :slight_smile:

I am sure now even some Digibyte fan will peak what ETN is doing and maybe buy some coins :slight_smile:


See what happens when we all team up together as one…

This planet and it’s inhabitants could learn a lot from this . Imagine what we could all achieve if we worked together…


You said something very important there Chris, honestly I’d love to see a world one day where we all work together as a species and put all differences aside. When people come together great things can be accomplished.