ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Voted , good luck etn !!!


Just voted a few moments ago, here’s our current progress.



Does anyone know, how could we contact All About Tech he could give us some boost with short video for this Pool…hm… its now 58/42 so we still can win!!

@AllAboutTech do you follow this?


Just send this message via hot Chanel to AAT, Rob and crypto for the peeps :slight_smile:
Just wow 43:57…we can change it. It depends on you…


Thanks a lot :star_struck: hope they react in time :))
What a win would this be :slight_smile:


AAT has covered this in last video!:slight_smile:


Great job! Keep them coming :slight_smile:
Digibyte is running out of community :wink:


Exactly :+1::+1::+1: gogogogogogo guys VOTE :+1:



A bit more and we will be 50/50 :))


47/53 oooooo it’s close


Yes, hopefully they run out of community so we can slowly beat them :slight_smile:


VOTE VOTE VOTE!! We have 24h left!! we can win this one!!
Its very close! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


So strong we are,
We can win this thing.
Sing up for a twitter account and show your support if you havent done so already
:heart: Electroneum :heart:


Great to see how many people have voted that actually have a love for both projects.
We all know which one leads the pack!


Vote if you havent already! We are verry close! 49/51
Lets do thiss!!

Only 8h left


It’s soooo close now, I tweeted it out got a few votes, but my following is only 51 right now. We do got a chance for sure though.


We just tied Digi in the vote! huge come back for Electroneum.


Woooowwwww niceee now lets put 2% more just to be safe !!! :blush::blush:me liky liky


It’s awesome to see, curious to see the outcome later today. Seems the ETN vote is quickly spreading to more people.