ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Thats my second post that havent been approved…


2h left, so we are winners! Thank you all!

Will let you know when the second round starts, we need to push ETN to finals :relaxed::upside_down_face:


#QuarkChain will be our competitor on tomorrow’s twitter pool. Will post the link when it starts :upside_down_face:


I’ll be there for it with my army of squirrels.


Thanks for the support with squirrels :smiley: i like that!:smiley:



The next round of pool starts tomorrow! I gave false information, sorry!

So, tomorrow we are competing with Digibyte!


@Mr.CryptoCZ be ready, I know you have whole twitter army :wink:


This guy clearly doesnt know what next week means, because it passed 2 weeks now…

So tomorrow round 3 starts.



Round 3 Electroneum - Digibyte has finally started.

Please, help with sharing! Digibyte is one strong competition and if we manage to beat it we migh have a nice FINALE :slight_smile:

Also, If anyone could share on FB (electroneum community) it would be nice. I am somehow ignored when they are approving posts…

This pool is nothing special, but if this gets shared many times and we enter finale, there is a chance we get new people to invest into this beautiful project like ETN. More exposure is always better :slight_smile:

GO, GO, GO!!

Just for fun! :slight_smile:

posted few seconds after him…was refreshing that twitter like crazy :DD

Electroneum Community Marketing Club
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

I have maxxed out my invitations to get the word around to vote.
Any assistance is appreciated thanks


DGB voting bots again… Huh … Just take a Look now


sadly…they are quickly surpassing us :frowning:



just counting on what timing it puts votes…


every 120s there is about 7 or more votes in a second…damn bot!! they cant win fair!


I noticed this strange behavior in a previous poll…


They must have fake accounts just for polls


Mrkněte na uživatele DigiByte Awareness Team (@DGBAT_Official):


Just wrote this guy if he can chech if there is bot at work…


If @ETNCEO could post on social media, like Digibyte did, it would be great :slight_smile:


Or maybe @BegaMutex, @MSystem? Please help !:))