ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


That we did and at the very least it brings attention to ETN for people to go look it up and do their due diligence. So that in and of itself win or lose on the vote is still a huge win, spreading the word on an amazing coin.


Please do registered vote on clear poll. John Dough is a fair man and we need to prove we are the community of real people :smile:


Already voted unregistered, are people allowed to vote again once registered? Didn’t see any rules about that.


I don’t know but unregistered votes seem full of manipulation and if it is allowed, anything can’t be a rule :wink:
I mean yes doing double vote may matter unregistered votes but not doing matters registered votes. I think registered voting will be preferred by John Dough.


Oh I agree, I just didn’t want to double vote imo that’s not really something that should be allowed. I’ll register with clear though for next time for whatever vote comes next.


Registered and gave that extra vote :))


My support comment is here maybe someone from their community can join us if they see our big victory :slight_smile:


We are doing fantastic, keep them votes coming :wink:


Look at this. Once Electroneum posted about this poll, it jumped a lot. We can celebrate already :))):clap::handshake:

Well done everybody :))


Thats it! No way they can catch up:))


I agree, no double voting. My vote was unregistered too


Congrats community!!! We did it!!

The last one was just killer ;))


ClearPoll Result here!

Registered Votes:

Unregistered Votes:


Happy Days. Thank you to everyone that took part in this poll. Amazing job everyone, well done. :sunglasses:


Electra price crashed too.
I feel for them .I really thought it would have got a bit of interest.
Good work all!!
@TycheExchange on twitter now!!


Job well done everyone! We totally crushed that final with ease.