ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL


Yeah go go go!!! Lets get hot for finals!!


You can remove rt and retweet again the pool 2nd time or more times like you want… Or hit the like button and then remove… Or vote for stellar too bcs other we go against eca…


Wow, we sure made up some ground and I was 100% sure we would since it was still early here
when I voted but we came back strong.

Current results:



Now it’s 54% for ETN and we have too more RT :slight_smile:


Im up @Mr.CryptoCZ.
I’ll get into it now.



Well done community! !

We rock :blush::blush::sunglasses:

Now lets show Electra how its done :wink:



Congratulations on the win everyone! Job well done to all those doing their
part to help. I think we can take the win in the next one too, let’s do it!:grin:


You did an amazing job there and really kept your cool under fire!
Next challenger please!!


Thank you very much, I did notice to all those I responded to in the end none of them
really responded back negatively so it seemed to have worked really well.

You did a great job as well bringing positivity to the comments there.


Ok, so to prove we are the best (over and over again :stuck_out_tongue: ) , we will need to vote one more time. but don’t worry. We as a community have everything under control. We will stand as the best community and beat Electra like its nothing!

Stay tuned, will post when voting goes live :))

:tada::tada::tada: - i am celebrating already :stuck_out_tongue:


If you respond with facts instead of a simple frontal emotionally based attack it seems to kerb it pretty quick.

Getting aggressive just lowers us to their level.


You see the statistics on Electra?


which one? 20…squi


I am so proud on guys like you! this is the best thing everyone can do. Get them on our side!


Deadcoin trading on bots


wow, interesting volume. The same I noticed with Odyssey( same volume as market cap) - got burned, lost some money, out.


nevermind, seen numbers wrong :smiley:


I made money on odyssey.
I got out too soon before it went 4x.
couldnt deal withthe community .
Couldnt watch the telegram…
Still cant.


Those numbers havent changed in 5 days