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Hi There

We have recently sent an email out to a number of users who told us they were vendors when they sign up to the app.

We are asking for some information about how you’re a vendor.

If you accept ETN in your business, please complete the survey in the email.

Laura Electroneum

tweeted , posted on main chat and telegram groups


I already registered and told my story. :grin:

On average there are about 70 transactions per month using instant payments. :grimacing:

Each customer has his code in the transaction and makes it easier to identify payments. :money_mouth_face:

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Love the idea of being listed. Looking forward to see the listings!


We would love to have listed! Is this your site? Did you tell us you were a vendor when you signed up? If not, I’m happy to share the form with you separately!


This sounds great!! I’m happy to head you’ve registered through the email form! Thanks for your support :smile:


Yes is my site and I got the email and filled out the information. Thank you!


Heres another one @LauraElectroneum shared the link for here on that page.

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Thank you @Plankton !! I added them yesterday. If they log in, they can ‘claim the listing’ and it’ll send me an email and I can make sure it’s under their log in and they can edit/manage it themselves.

Thanks again. Have a great weekend! Are you looking forward to the summit?

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Very much so @LauraElectroneum , I can’t wait to hear what richard has to say…

Very exciting times ahead…

Thankyou and i hope you Have a great weekend too :+1:

And no problems at all …

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