ETN to Coinbase (petition)


I did not start this petition, but wanted to share it!

Electroneum (ETN) community starts petition for Coinbase listing

that would be great if we’ll be listed on coinbase… that’s a big news


Signed petition , hope this happens will make it much easier for people to get into etn


I signed the partition hopefully it could help us out! :sunglasses:


Based on the interview of the Coinbase CEO on CNBC, I honestly don’t see how ETN isn’t one of the first (if not THE first) to be added quickly followed by BitTube. Both have all the legal requirements in place…but we shall see.


that’s what I gathered…I bet beginning of November we will see Coinbase listing


I think if all this will be true then ETN will most definitely skyrocket to the moon i think even to mars and beyond :sunglasses:


IPS is half of the equation… the stores that can accept ETN will need a way to convert into fiat so they can make their business purchases. Coinbase could be part of that equation… but this really is an important part of the Electroneum ecosystem that will need to be solved.


what’s cool is the conversation we are having now…these are real possibilities. these were just far away dreams last year. so exciting


I signed a petition for this I hope!

Electroneum shows up on coinbase but listed as not available

Come on people get signing


I signed this back when it first came out, thought it was a new one. It’s nice to see it get attention again and I see the numbers climbing really fast this morning too. Let’s keep the momentum going.


Lets do it fellas! its gonna be fantastic


OK that’s good but the worldwide retail market (27 trillion) dwarfs even the very large 445 billion remittance market so I’m not saying it’s an either/or situation but they sure had their priorities straight making the POS API.



Coinbase can’t be used in my country, for example, so I don’t think it is a better option as compared to an exchange like Binance.