ETN. The future is now


Electroneum is about to kick start a bull run of its own, lots of new coming. The world will see what ETN can do for them.

Buy now and adopt early before it’s too late.

Looking forward to the blast off!


You are exactly right. Rome wasn’t built on one day now was it…?


No. Foundations need to be laid. A wise man doesn’t build his house upon the sand. Confusious say :slight_smile:


We going places. The sky is our starting point…


The road to success is not straightforward. There is still a lot what the electroneum team needs to do.

However, they chosen the right path. To sustain and become the most widely used crypto takes a lot of effort, having great product portfolio and a strong team behind.

Etn team is fully aware of this, that’s why they don’t care about the current price as they know with mass adoption the price will increase naturally and won’t be affected with bullish and bearish market.

And yes, this is a great time to buy etn and support this cryptocurrency as the team is trying to be different and build a solid position on thr market.


I’m very excited for these coming months :rocket::rocket::rocket: many good things about to happen! :ox::ox::ox::ox::ox::ox::ox:


there is a mining supply at 9M ETN a day. If we have a growth of 10M users a year, we got 27K new users a day. The average new user must have 333.33 ETN to equal the miners, and to days price it is 1.68$. Is that a growth we can expect in 2019? I hope so!

So with that user numbers and those living expenses in a few low cost countries,it must be possible to get a max-min price calculation.

The World Bank has compiled an index showing which countries in the world carry the highest and lowest monthly costs to own a mobile phone.

The index measures the monthly cost of running a mobile phone as a percentage of income, in US dollars as well as in purchasing power parity terms (excluding the cost of the phone).

The data is based on 2014 prices and rates.

According to the group, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the most expensive country to own a mobile phone, with almost 53% of gross national income (GNI) going to mobile phone costs.

This is followed by the Central African Republic (52%) and Madagascar (50%) and Malawi (49%) which all occupy the halfway mark for phone costs in terms of GNI.

On the other side of the spectrum, Macao, China is the cheapest at only 0.1% of GNI on mobile phone costs. This is followed by Singapore, Hong Kong and Denmark (0.2%).

South Africa is the 71st cheapest out of 174 countries measured, with costs coming in at 1.66% of gross national income.

There are two other ways of looking at the data, however.

The first is in raw dollar terms – in which case Sri Lanka has the cheapest mobile phone usage costs, at $0.97 per month. In this metric, Tuvali and the Netherlands have the highest costs at $45.73 and $41.47, respectively.

South Africa has the 59th lowest costs at $10.23.

The other metric is in terms of purchasing power parity – prices adjusted to reflect localised market conditions (in dollar terms).

Here, Nicaraagua and Bulgaria carry the highest costs (at $78.21 and $63.03 respectively), while Sri Lanka maintains the lowest cost at $2.69. South Africa has the 87th lowest cost at $21.49.

If ETN pays 10% of the phone bill by mobile miner that gives the mobileminer a benefit for the user of 1$ a month, the phone provider suppose to save 30% if the user use ETN instead of cash. 1kg of apples cost in South Africa 1.40 . 10% of the average income in South Africa is 10.38 after tax every month.

Dos this means that 10M users not Holders is a price of a 1$ for 1 ETN? no i don’t think so, why? Higher price more miners. ETN needs more places to be used and a bigger turnover so this is not masse adoption.

If we lock at the prices for a smartphone in India it cost around 140$ for one at Amazon-

  • And a ETN user got an idea that he will pay the next new phone in ETN (bright idea). He needs to get a hold of 140$. And have a monthly average income at 440$ from work. 1ETN is about 0.30$ (my guess with 10M users) he needs 462 ETN=140$. That gay will get the money an a new business will gowe.

A man in India is out of money and he wants a 1kg with rice to feed his family and the price is 0.69$, but he got 0.70$ worth of ETN. After some negotiation the he got the rice for 3.3 ETN. The rice salges-man want fiat money fore he’s ETN so he needs an exchange. The man howe wants new mobile phone knows that and he got a bank account, cash and the ETN app, he is now in the loop of money.

That scenario brings ETN back to the crypto exchanges and the price go down.

But the same day the the rice salges-man was robbed when he was on his way home and lost all of his cash, and that made him think. The next day he wants to be paid in ETN. The Man in the exchange knows that and the rest is future;)