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BTC hiting $4000 :slight_smile: 20s

Update: now on move up…


been on weekend holy myself…
Kucoin is loosing terrain. volume record low.


It seems all is low and slow? Many times I saw, all pessimism, low volumes, sideways market and then BOOM! I can feel this pressure cooker… :slight_smile:



Yes record low on huobi today. Sunday. Zzz


I suppose that’s why they call it the stealth phase.


Interesting point, the downward trend line meeting the wedge resistance line? What will happen?


What would you think this indicates, Tika?


Test of resistance line on downward trend line, if volume is there it could push over, but it is heavy resistance as we have seen these past weeks testing 4000usd. There has been a increase in volume lately although it is unknown directly where it is from. If it doesn’t push over resistance line and create new support it will test like 2 on @Tika chart.
So either we break through like R lines where resistance is or we bounce possibly down to 2 line to test support. If support is not there it will likely drop a bit more imo we will have to see how it starts to play out. But if we break this resistance that will continue this uptrend lately and hopefully volume will keep coming. It really depends if volume is there to support imo and with today being Sunday and tomorrow Monday it is up in the air to me. But crossing this resistance points is good imo we will soon see what happens.


Zoomed out, we can see we are still in uptrend, so I am still positive it will stay in this mode, till proven otherwise?


Thanks, Tika… any thought on ETN?


Almost the same picture? Again uptrend is still in place, we are pushing into that corner of the wedge, so, almost the same scenario?


This is what I was talking about in this post: ETN Technical Analysis Society

If we try and take on both resistance areas at the same time, the buy volume better come in droves or else we will dump back down. Each resistance needs to be taken on one at a time. The best way to do that is to wait until the down trend line is under the horizontal resistance area.


TA is pretty much unusable now on etn, as news can come, volume, investors, deals, its to much unknown factors. TA is pretty much wrong most times anyway, but its maybe useful as a 20sat interval shorterm trading now, at best. For the long lines its not very interesting, as its not ta that determines etns next steps.
But i love this thread anyway, and the work. Some nice wave scoops can be done.
But i dear not in this times, bombs can drop😄


I agree. It works a lot better on BTC


For me TA worked very well on the ETN chart since the beginning.
TA is not telling you what will happen, but what is more likely, and when is the time to buy and sell.

Even if you hold for the longterm it helps you to find better entry points. Since if you can save like 30% on your entry the leverage when ETN starts to move can be huge.

TA is also helping you not to loose all your balance by giving you good stop loss zones.


Agreed, TA will reflect fundmental news, just have to catch the breaks in support and resistance in time. The most important thing is psychology, hard to master.


If you can catch the psycology, its as good as TA.


We @ TA Society loves the analysis, other people like… other stuff, and that is ok?


As one of the Guru’s of this forum always say, “Double Bottom Monday”? So, let see if this (S) support area can bounce us over the ® resistance?

Lets see if this fractals will repeat itsel on BTC?