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Agreed, Electroneum definitely is currently riding some momentum. Hopefully it continues.


This is why I stopped doing TA on ETN for the short term…BIG things are coming which render TA useless on this coin right now. Very exciting times:)

Just think, this Huobi trading does not include the USA or JPN! When it goes live on the US Huobi sites we’ll see even more price action…hopefully in the positive direction ;p


I redraw ta everytime i log into kucoin. Its going to be good to see how older ta plays out now on tradingview.


From what ive seen in the past, it can be unpredictable when getting listed on a new exchange. Usually fomo followed by a sharp dump.



ETN/BTC trading pair for Huobi on tradingview!!! YAAAAAAA!!! No more redrawing every time I login to Kucoin or refresh the page, etc. Granted, it’s going to take time for it to populate moving forward, but this is exciting!


You got anymore of those BTC TAs


Looks like we are building momentum back :slight_smile:


My time for doing TA is about to be drastically cut as I have actually found a job for the first time in 7 months:( But, here’s a quick BTC update after looking it over just now.

I am not expecting a whole lot until the long term downtrend line is under the heavy resistance zone. Why? Because I believe we need to break each one separately. The combined force of both of them at the same time is simply too much resistance. So I believe we are going to wait and break the downtrend so we can use it as a foundation support line to test the heavy resistance.

My personal opinion on the window for breaking that resistance line is March 25-April 9. That is a completely subjective guess based on proximity to the resistance area for max effect for using it as a spring board to punch through. If we fail to break above the downtrend, then we could fall all the way down to the yellow wedge support. If that doesn’t hold, then we start talking about the mid-low 2k range…but I will reiterate and stand by my previous statements that I believe the bottom is in and we won’t be seeing those prices.

Clarification, that Mid January resistance line is from 2018, not 2019. So it’s a biggie.


Thanks so much! You think we’ll trade sideways until that date range?

Congrats on the job man!!


Thanks! I’m not thrilled to go back to work, but it’s necessary. This crypto winter hasn’t been much help…hopefully the next bull run will come in the next couple years so I can contemplate retirement then.

Yes, I am of the opinion we will trade sideways within the range of ~3750 to 3950 until the window time frame. But it’s crypto and you never know…


any current TA for etn?


We are still on that 50% Fib correction line/area, as long as that holds, we have a chance of going up to wave 5. If that 50 fib area break we will enter into the space of wave 1, and that will cancel this wave count. But still very positive as always!


damn, reading your statement made me think it wasnt in english. the graph helped a lot. so its either 240sats or 170. i’ll get some etn ready on huobi then in case we get some news.


So sorry crypto_Noob, let me try this, we do not want to go lower than that red area (170 sat) That you got spot on, the up movement (wave 5) is a bit of a guess in where it can go/ Wave 5 can go beyond the top of wave 5, but can also stop before it. BUT wit ETN and all the news and new exchanges, my guess is beyond wave 3, how far??? In Eliot wave principle, wave three is the most bought wave, that wave we can nail with 95% certainty! I will buy some more when we break the top of wave three! Hope thats better explained, sorry again :slight_smile:


95% certainty to break wave 3 from 170 sats is almost 20% profit(if my math is correct. hahah). without any good news, i think it wouldnt go that far tbh.


Nope let me try again, the 95% I am talking about is predicting the length of wave 3. Wave 5 can go beyond the top of wave 3 (206 sat), how far, no one can tell. BUT it can also stop before the top. That is why I said that, I will buy siome, if it breaks the top at 206 sat, with stop loss at 200?


Happy that you have found work. I hope it goes well and that you can find enjoyment in it, whatever it is. Will miss your valued input but I have a feeling that the pull of the board will be too strong to resist, (at least once in a while). :slight_smile:



Huobi trading room

I will still be here and do some TA when time permits. It just won’t be every couple days like in the past. It may turn into just a weekly report


Or when you get bored at work…