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If you wonder whats going on. I think people buy on kucoin and sell on huobi. Market will balance out soon but we may still get some spike.


Thats really awesome news and congrats!!!


oh yeah! need to participate on this even a small effort will help for some attention


42 Million ETN traded in first 30 min.
Price difference is still like 30 sats from kucoin to huobi! That explains volume on kucoin.
Difference is 50sats now. Thats very unsustainable. I hope you know what to do :wink: Hint: Dont fomo.


It was 80sats at some stage


any idea where we going now? haha common guys


Difference is at 60 sats still but it wont last much longer( price will adjust to be similar ). People (and possibly bots) who bought at kucoin to sell at huobi should soon have the 20 confirmations for the deposit to go through.


what a wild reaction!



Huobi is completely disregarding the resistance at 200sats and shot right through it. But I believe we need even more volume to really break it. Maybe now is the time. (Not the time for fomo that is).


institution now has a place to stack up ETN! :smiley: what a nice day


Finally we got listed on TradingView :zap:


That is awesome!

Also look at the blockexplorer. You can guess where all these big transactions are going to and whats going to happen.


First TA on huobi 1 min chart.

I believe if we break this support line at 235 sats we will see price move towards kucoins price around 200 sats. So if I was to trade this I would buy and have a stoploss somewhere under it. But Iā€™m not crazy :smiley:


My humble opinion :slight_smile: I cannot measure the 1.786 fib, but I recon it hit that spot, going down to either 38.2 or 50% fib area. In a strong market, I am sure we will only go to the 38.2 area?
Sorry guys previous chart did made a wrong fib projection, took it from wave 1 and not wave 3, sorry. This is the correctmeasurement.


what is self trade volume?


Price is getting really close to one another. So the real trading starts very soon.

Cant wait to see how it impacts trading volume overall on ETN.

Huobi trade volume is already higher than kucoin for today.


Huobi will be very HUGE for ETN. I think it might be the big boss :)))


Hopefully it is even more responsive to ETN good news.


ETN is very sensitive at these moment, where if Richard announce small news it will pump wild again


That may be as important as being listed on a major exchange! Thanks for sharing.