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that’s what I’m saying too. hitbtc has big overall volume but low etn volume. why a less overal volume exchange would bring any change?


Hey Tika, pretty much. There always seems to be resistance/supports near the whole numbers too 180, 190, 200. Looks like we have reached up to the 2nd line ive drawn, 177 some bigger sell orders after the 180 atm.
Im trying to figure out where it might retrace after the push. Maybe 187 which would be the 61.8% on the fib retracement from the last peak.


dunno either :smiley:
its just people are insane hahaha


Now we just need BTC to blow past $4200 :slight_smile: hehe


if this new exchange has a Chinese branch and Ch people have bigger trust there and Ch ppl know etn then the buying can be bigger -> price will grow


i like how you think, lets hope for that


Lets just see if it hit the 1.618 (185) or the 1.786 fib line, then we can determine the retracement from there?


tika can you post a photo of that , hehe im not TA guy but i really appreciate what all you guys doing in here , thanks



Must have sucked to tradesell on 152 :joy::joy:


I guess the S means support but what do the 2 R’s mean?


Sorry, that is lines/zones that indicate resistance. Every time we break through this resistance areas, they become the new support. Hope that make sens?


So support around 169 and first resistance around 191 level - got it :slight_smile:

We seem to be struggling to break through the 176/7 level right now though.


Try to look at this way, maybe it will make sens? All impulse waves (3 of them - 1.3.5) go up and the corrective waves (2.4) will go down. So we just have to see, I do not think we are at the end of wave 3 yet. Aiming for at least 185?


@Tika Is there a typical timeframe for each wave?


No, not really, wave 1.3.5 is usually quick, 2 and 4 time wise take longer.


Huobi is live and trading at a premium price. Just jumped to 210 sats.
Volume is insane at the moment.


Wow Kucoin followed!!! OMG I just passed out on the floor!!! IN FLOORFOMO!


There is profits to be made. Watching the 1min we get jumps from like 20%.


yesterday is my first payout from cloud mining ,with 156ETN :smiley:
now Richard give me a reason where to use this coins, send it to Houbi :blush: