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196 BTC for 1 ETN.

That sounds about right. Dont sell any lower folks!


My screen shot from Feb 27. image


Hi everyone, we are spending a very busy March month for Altcoin. I think now that the queue comes to BTC. As seen in the graph 50 daily Ma 100 daily Ma has worked either. If the 50 daily Ma can break the daily Ma 100 I think we could go to levels $5200.


A nice 10% push so far on the 4h chart. 35mins till candle close. Could have a new support level
for now.

Always nice to see a bit of green.


Next target will be the resistance at 195 and then 206?


If this double bottom breaks to the upside target will be around 190sats.


Thanks for all the consistent TA contributors some real good analysis given the ETN chart price structure.


And what is coming after 190 sats?


Mars… :smiley:


There is lots of TA up there about that.
Basicly 200sats has been strong resistance for a long time now. And usually if we break strong resistance it becomes support. Means if we break the 190-2xx sat area its likely that we may see more upwards movement. We could also be rejected and keep on moving sideways or even go lower.


Anyone care to hazard a guess on where we will go with the latest exchange announcement?


Just saw it. Wow. Huobi has huge volume. It will definitely add to ETN’s value. Also double bottom seems to play out. Good entry point imho.


These two resistance limes are the hurdles that we need to break!


Easy peasy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face:


my guess is that nothing major will happen. etn has been on hitbtc. hitbtc has bigger overall volume than huobi global


Yeah but now we have hitbtc and huobi. That said, ETN volume will need to move onto that exchange to gain. I think whales and instos may jump on their if buyers do etc. 174sats now nice!


let’s hope I’m wrong:)


but hitbtc is not houbi my friend


can you explain it more? what makes an exchange better apart from volume?


Hitbtc are hitbtc
Houbi are houbi
Thats it for me, also base on my experience on hitbtc… Its sucks