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weeh, how long is it going to crawl at this 150 sub… boring


i know alot on telegram has flushed etn to go enji bull, and try to hold or get etn back sub 140, so if someone rides or push etn now, they must buy in higher.


I believe so too. The worst financial decision you could posibly take. Dont buy something that went up 700% in a short time. People will never learn I guess.

Enjin is a nice project, but buying now is pretty much asking to be rekt.

ETN on the other hand is at a nice discount. There is no clear bottoming pattern now, but I’d prefer it anytime at these levels.


I’ll spin off of @Moonman’s 1 day chart above and zoom into the 4 hour. Things are looking short term bullish with what appears to be a break up on a RSI pennant and a Stoch RSI buy signal cross in the oversold territory.

147 sats appears to be a pretty strong support line…assuming that holds, we should see a pop up very soon. How far and how long is anyone’s guess with this coin during the trial period in South Africa underway.


And on the 1D Kucoin chart…

-The heartline of the channels seems to show some significance as the price has shown a tendency to bounce from it on several occasions.


Abyss, here we come!


Bounce here we come?


I’m buying here and if it drops to the bottom of the channel, I’m buying there too. :wink:


I only have left for a beer. So i go for beer. :smile:


Somebody happily threw 500k right out, so im not popping champagne :smile:


I’ll be there with you in an hour or so. I have these chilling in the refrigerator.


Mmm. IPA. Best…


Yeah the market is being manipulated by some heavy stacked traders. I’m not worried. I buy, hold, and relax.


if i just see it from another angle, its instant FOMO!


Haha nice one Jonne!:smiley:


Stop it… :slight_smile:


Waaaaa,. Something happened 2 hours back. :open_mouth:



A little off topic, but thanks for introducing me to Bittube. Pretty awesome project


DM’d as this thread is not about another project and we need to keep this topic on point.