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woooow amazing! thanks matt


The over 10 Billion in volume that BTC is getting right now is insane and the fact that it has been sustained over about a week is really driving home the fact that we very well may be in the next bull cycle. That was a long winter…


Let’s see what happens :eyes:


Technically BTC could still break lower. I’m also accumulating only though.


Found another good slide for your topic.


Very good these are most patterns I’m also looking for.

At the moment a double bottom in price and RSI would be nice. If we get it. then it offers a nice opportunity.
Also the stochastic RSI on the daily would give us some fuel to make this move stronger.


Im watching exactly the same on two other projects Im on.
Im seeing a break up as imminent but its hard to factor in the timing (as always)


I made a comment expressing concern on another thread, and was met with multiple paragraphs, some of which were good, but my concerns were better addressed simply by reading this thread. I would suggest that people who express concerns about the project and price be diverted here for a read. I still have concerns, but some of what I was thinking about was addressed here, without people emotionally telling you not to be emotional lol


Yes sk8Monkey thats true most of the other threads full of emotional opinions and fudsters.

Welcome! We still have opinions but we do our best to keep emotions at bay and look at things more objectively. Most of are not worried and see price going up eventually.


make a thread specific for “less emotional topic!” hahaha im just joking


I was looking into ways to bring some sort of equilibrium.
Maybe @Cryptoman976 might be interested in doing some T/A on an Electroneum Emotional Analysis society topic! !
At least its easy to predict.


these are all from google apparently


Thanks for posting these, always good to keep these in mind.


That is easy…no TA needed.

Price goes up, elation ensues and moonboys come out to play. Price goes down and everyone feels personally attacked by those they were hugging the day before.

Emotions are a great hinderance in the world of money. But I don’t have much room to talk because so too can faith. But faith has the potential to do more harm than emotion…and I have a lot of faith.


Very well said sir.
I completely understand you.
On so many levels


This forum reeks of bear market, a nasty stench indeed! Lets freshen things up with a spritz of the desired parfum de taureau (fragrance of bull). We are looking at some strong bullish divergence on the 1D Kucoin chart shown below. Everyone should be looking at this moment right now as an opportunity because the tide may be turning soon enough.


or the tide will just wave us down on 120… :tired_face:


That’s definitely possible but the RSI shows the bears are weakening. There are no guarantees in this market. I’m long term bullish with Electroneum. For other like me, now is the time to make large ladder buys.


Fantastic! I’m adopting that. :grinning: