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Yes, we seem to be having a rare “green” Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

With that said, we need to be careful. This uptrend for BTC is coming on very little volume while going into over sold RSI regions and trying to break a descending wedge on the 4 hour chart. We need to see more volume before I get too optimistic.


With BTC trying to push up, ETN seems to be doing the same after touching 194 sats. There’s a 1+ million sell wall on 200 sats right now trying to keep it down…but if BTC keeps rising, we’ll blow through that entire resistance zone. Things are getting exciting with the prime times in the US approaching the early evening.


With regards to BTC:

I’m not feeling the warm fuzzies with the BTC chart. This recent price spike bounced off resistance that has been forming since the end of November. With that, we now are looking at hidden bearish divergence as the price found a lower high while the momentum indicator (RSI) formed a higher high. This is not what we are hoping to see if we are hoping for a quick end to the bear market. I hope I’m wrong.


Inverse Bart Simpson formation confirmed. :slight_smile:


And now a little drift down…


What do you think about this chart?


Interested to know the sought of timeframe you are thinking? We are probably less than a week away from the first news drop from Richard/ETN prior to MWC, so this would probably have a factor and then, of course, MWC a week later with the second and/or more news, which will also probably affect things!


We ready to take on 200?
Soon. Very soon. Today soon.


It is interesting, even amusing seeing what is happening on Kucoin. There is virtually no volume and what little there is, is playing a swing game of 200 to 194 sats, with no takers.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was one or two people playing amongst themselves, lol

Who would want to sell or risk trading at this point?


Ghee JonneHex I like positve people, Keeping my eyes on that 200?


Money makes the world go round and round, or is it volume? LOL, Billy, no I am with you, al is very strange now? This running flat pattern is almost in that corner X, So the time is tight?

I only now saw the divergence as well;??


It really looks like we will break out very very soon.

We will see. In my opinion volume is still missing and more sideways movement looks reasonable. However if we breakout with volume that will be a really nice trade.


Soon? Cloud soon?
My toe feeling might be right


Cloud is available now! @JonneHex


Yes, im in. Smooth. Now, 200. Lets play


alot sell on newsers, who the heck gives out 450k in one go now… i cant see that smart. lol


The android mobile miner is out! The question is, will it do anything to the price? I see many comments about expecting a price rise due to this new development. But my personal take is it won’t do much at all. Why? Because the mobile miner was working on the Android market already. Putting cloud mining on Android is not bringing new blood into the project, it’s just updating existing users to the newest tech. While it is awesome, it isn’t bringing “new” people in by itself like the iOS release did. We’ll see how the day unfolds as the news spreads, but right now it has had no affect at all as we are continuing to bounce between 194 and 200 sats.

We have ~4 more days in the current triangle and 2 weeks until MWC19. We are going to see a move one way or another, let’s just hope that move is up…but we still have A LOT of resistance to pound through.



Going up …



More demand and less supply equals increase in price.
That’s the time when ETN will moon if more believers will buy more ETN (not only rely on free ETN on cloud mining)…