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@Cryptoman976 does put his TA to good use by purchasing his perceived entry points derived by charting. No need for snarky remarks on this thread. We should all be so thankful for @Cryptoman976’s dedication to keeping everyone informed with current market technical analysis.


Don’t be too sensitive, Moonman. I was not being “snarky”, just a genuine comment/observation and I, like you, am very grateful for all of Cryptoman976’s, (and everyone else’s) TA. I have thanked him in the past and regularly smash the like button on his comments.


I appreciate everyone here. Thank you all. I took nothing as an ill statement, so no worries. I understood what you meant, Billy :slight_smile:


200 sats still holding on strong. Waiting for pacman.



Yes who is at 209 sats!!!


The longer we stay under, the worse the outlook. I do not particularly like what I am seeing on the buy volume dropping off.


We will probably be testing the support line i guess? and then try to push trough wall? hm…who knows…

4h chart


At this rate, that is the most probable outcome. But I was expecting a much harder push this go around, even if we failed. But all we did was get to 200 and stop. That is a little worrisome.


We need the mwc, and attention out of only those in here and already owning. As of now, its just to little new money to push up over 200, and the traders, walls and bots easiely plays it around. Its no momentum yet.
Thats my TA


I tend to agree with this analysis. The ascending triangle pattern will likely continue. I do get excited at the BIG picture TA outlook for ETN. The blockfolio screenshot below hints at a potential rounding bottom pattern developing. I would be delighted for that pattern to play out over the next 4 to 6 months.


(1% 'ers) daytraders selling ETN with 10-20% profit need to zoom out, they are totally missing the big picture (fundamentals). Unless you possess epic ninja trading skills, HODL is the best move now.

IMO, selling ETN now in the 156-214 sats range it’s like selling hundred thousands (millions?) of BTC around $10-12 in 2013

The Door is open, consider this an advice from your friendly neighborhood spider man

With great power comes great responsibility


Unless we see an influx of some massive volume in the next 10-11 hours, I’m not seeing a break up to complete the inverse head and shoulders pattern. But, as others have pointed out, we do have a valid inclining triangle which is still in play.

As you see on this Kucoin 8 hour chart, I’ve drawn the triangle in purple. I’ve also put a new fibinachi table now that we have a new swing low and high. Seeing we are heading to the lull days of the market of Sunday and Monday, I would not be surprised to see a pull back, but the good news is it plays perfectly into the pattern. Over the next couple days there is a perfect window to go down and bounce up off the .5 to .618 fibinachi levels which is exactly where our incline support line is highlighted in purple. That area will prove to be a very powerful support section for a final push to the 200-210 sat range going into next week. If we fail to push through, then we will probably fall back to the 175 to 180 range to find support.

We still have a small window for the inverse head and shoulders to play through as we are still testing the 200 sat range, but the clock is ticking.


Hey my friend, good Ta.
We will be testing up on 200 very shortly. I think we head for monday above.
Btc should also do a push soon.


Hoping to hold 200 until Friday and maybe get some news?!


It’s not really important as much as we all hope it happens. We wait in anticipation for the spark to ignite the unstoppable explosion of growth in the sure knowledge that it is coming. OH YES, IT’S COMING! FOMO ATTACK!!! Can you hear us @Tanwax!


Tanwax Is Small whale now no FOMO I will be rich when moon


I think any active member on this forum will be rich when moon at this point


Dont jinx it :joy:


While LTC continues to kick some good crypto and BTC stays above 3600, ETN seems to be following the ascending triangle as the bullish inverse head and shoulders is more or less disproved. I posted a possibility yesterday of a pullback to the purple highlighted area at ETN Technical Analysis Society

Here’s an update to that projection which appears to be playing out. It’s possible we see a wick under the trend line, but I do believe we will see a bounce off of it to retest the 200+ region starting Tuesday/Wed.


Looks like BTC making a little move up again after drifting down.