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Absolutely! We will look for wave (3) to hit 1.618 at least, my guess is rather the 1.786 Fib? unfortunately, this option is not on investing.ocm available. Maybe someone can give us the value of the Fib at that point?


Like this maybe :slight_smile:


Nice little push up by BTC now…hopefully hit that inverse H&S soon :slight_smile:

BTC making a decent little move now at 3431


CryptoMatt Have a heart man, how am I suppose to see that small print pic, can you give me the value please, please :slight_smile: OR can you give me the webpage of the picture you made? Thanks appreciate !!!


BTC now at 3440 so a 0.6% rise so far (CMC), better than red.

Gives you all the tools from tradingview :slight_smile: Just right click the chart and select drawing tools.


I see this basically posted above by others…but here’s the exact same chart I used yesterday. The pattern it being followed almost perfectly. I wasn’t expecting a jump like we had yesterday, but it’s still well within the pattern to do so. We should see a confirmation or denial of the pattern as get to the neckline, which I’m predicting should happen in the next 26 hours.


Apparently a well known community member who is now banned created the unexpected pump but can’t confirm whether this is true.


oh yes…I know what you are talking about and I can’t confirm or deny it. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter as patterns are typically followed by the programming the bots have, not by individuals. I’m not saying this person didn’t do it, but if he did, why buy up to the massive wall with such a high likelihood of a fall? Why not let the bots get us up to the wall, then buy up the wall to trigger the bots to start buying well past it? It doesn’t make much sense…but ultimately, I don’t care. Who did what and how won’t make a difference when mass adoption occurs.


My thoughts exactly :+1:


The sell wall is slowly being nipped at! I’m sticking with my prediction above that we are going to see a break up above or a rejection below the neckline in the next ~24 hours. Things are starting to get exciting again in the crypto space…how about that LTC ;p


If you see alot of 6, u know who :joy:


LTC is the only top 10 coin I own (other than ETN which should be a top 10 coin :slight_smile: ) . I think it will eventually beat out Bitcoin.


something is happening with Bitcoin today


damn, BTC goin crazy, so all the other coins… jei!


yea I don’t understand what’s going on. What triggered this? all I can think is that it was a bounce off the 200 MA line or something. Maybe the bottom was already in and the next bull season has started? fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Loving LTC :+1: (thanks for the YouTube TA)


Question is… is this a fake or breakout with BTC???


I hope it is a true breakout, but thinking this might not last too long though


hard to tell right now. I actually just noticed it myself…lol! I’ve been busy moving my miners to the ETN Ocean pool. So far it looks good:)

I’m tempted to say this is real, only because we were SO close to the 200 weekly moving average (white line). But you can never be too sure.