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Hahaha nice one :joy::joy: hehe


I really like LTC…but we only do BTC and ETN here.

Here’s your current BTC map…LOTS going on. But the main thing to watch is that white 200 weekly moving average. We’ve never been under it for any length of time and never closed a weekly candle under it. THAT is the story for the time being.


Looks like we’re gettting a nice bounce off the .618 Fibinachi line of 185 sats on ETN. Let’s see if the momentum carries! It appears to be confirming the formation of the inverse head and shoulders, but we aren’t there yet!


Youre aware of how much Bitcoin is charging hands in the “shadows”.?
Im just going to say its a heck of a lot.
Theres also that MtGox liquidation…all OTC Im referring to.
Must make it hard on the T/A.
Spot on with your wise words above regarding the Cryptosphere.
Takes a whole lot of cruel to be kind.
Thanks @Cryptoman976!


Yeah ltc is still looking the most bullish out of the alts


With little btc fundamentals atm its pure ta right now…

I hope haha



ETN update…I’ll just leave it all on a picture as there is not much more I can say but I do need to hit the 20 word minimum to post:)


I don’t know about an upside-down head and shoulders, looks more like the 3-breasted woman in Total Recall to me!!


no…that pattern calls more for evenly peaked curves which would look like a triple bottom (which is also very bullish). All these patters are very subtle differences…being able to decipher them is the key to success and failure;p


Also, unless we are TAing stocks or cryptos with massive volume, these patterns will not look precise.


We are also seeing a nice ascending triangle on the one day chart. These patterns have not played out well on the 4HR time scales during this bear trend. We’ll see if the longer time scales work out better.


I haven’t looked at the 1 day on ETN lately. But that does look beautiful! If we can break up, watch out…


This is kind of technical analysis, am I right guys? :wink:. In all seriousness, you’d be missing out not to see this so I just wanted to provide the share. Carry on Team :+1::+1:

We all make up Team Electroneum, and your comments are very kind, but realize this mega production reel is nothing without the community behind it. Like the video says, the community is one of Electroneum’s greatest assets of all.

If the material inspires you, feel free to share wherever you see fit. If your network extends to Japan, Korea, India or China consider sharing one of the translations, the viewers will be delighted :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Already viewed as soon as they released! Excellent vids, as usual! This isn’t TA, but it is a form of marketing that can and will affect the TA!


Very well put! :ok_hand:

Twenty characters.


I bought some more btc now, looking for the etn spot


Thanks for sharing this video @Jeff_Knight. You and @MSystem do incredible work, we are all very appreciative. :clap:


It really looks like an inverse h&s now. if we break the neckline (with volume!) target is pretty clear around 240sats