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The daily graph appears to be in reverse H and S. The Etn road is open and exhibits the bull’s appearance.
It’s not investment advice.

ETN looks good to form the right shoulder.


Depending on where you are in the world, happy lunar new year! It will be interesting to see what happens in the market over the coming days and weeks. fingers crossed


According to CMC is in a consenual relationship with wash trading exchanges in order to get the referral commissions.
You can see their analysis and decide for yourself if they are right.

This may play some role in what exchanges are showing on their website, I have to wonder, for example why isn’t coinspot showing?

There are alternatives to CMC like livecoinwatch, coingecko, etc., but all of them are missing exchanges so there could be some other explanation why CMC is not showing certain exchanges other than removing the “Kimchi premium”/Korean exchanges.

Here is a list that AFAIK is all the exchanges trading ETN.

Coinbene brasil <— inactive?
OEX <— inactive?
Palitanx <— inactive?
Artis turba
NEXT exchange
Bitladon <— limited to a handful of countries right now, uses other exchanges

I try to keep an eye on twitter and elsewhere to keep this up to date but I imagine if you just followed other cryptonight based coins you might end up finding a few more exchanges trading ETN.


KRAKEN just Aquired Crypto Facilities UK
This is Krakens new interface.
Its really cool.


Bit of a sell down on atm on Kucoin.


Might be a weird day.
Chinese New Year.
Bitcoin hasnt barted and the volume seems consistent.


Morning all, I posted this a few days back. for me It is a wave 1 of three, it needs to go to at least 61.8 % or 78.6. All is already written in? My guess :slight_smile: Have a good one!!

Big divergence on the daily chart?


BTC makes the final move in the triangle. Fasten the belts. Nothing’s going to be the same anymore.:roket::roket::roket:


ETN looks good to form the right shoulder.


Can we bounce here. Would seem very bullish. Currently forming a hammer on 8h chart. But ~200 sats area seems like such a strong wall. So breaking it will be very strong.


Hi all! Quick ETN update, we are looking pretty strong right now! But with BTC trying to dump, it could all change pretty quick…but it’s going to take A LOT of sell volume to break down below 3300 on BTC with the 200 weekly moving average at that support level…but it’s very possible.

As far as ETN is concerned, we have been tracking a possible bullish inclined neckline inverse head and shoulders pattern. This is what it looks like on the 8 hour Kucoin chart:

If that right should is going to form, it’s going to have it “hit bottom” very soon to hold the pattern. The good news is the bottom for the shoulder coincides very well with the .786 fibinachi line which is a typical retracement bounce line.

Will that happen? I do not know…but I sure hope so!

Edit: Actually, with the inclined neckline on this head and shoulders, it’s not necessary we drop to the highlighted area I emphasis in the drawing. Since the right shoulder is naturally higher than the left shoulder, we are actually within the bounce area for the right shoulder. Would it be bad for us to drop to the highlighted area? No. But if we never hit that area, I would not be surprised but it is not necessarily needed to complete this formation.


considering hard the buy btc button…


I’m resisting, how long I can hold on for though…


I can’t say what anyone else should do…but, If I had a job with income I’d be laddering in. As far as all the money I’ve already put in, I just assume it’s all gone. It’s not hard to hold something you pretend is simply not there. It will all pay off at some point. If you don’t believe that, you should not be in this space. If you are putting money in just to try and make a quick dollar, you should not be in this space. This space can drive people mad and it’s just not worth it. You have to believe in the technology and hope that belief turns into financial gain in the process. Without the tech, there is no money.


Its more like, cheeeap, like the chocolat you walk passed in the shop that screams hungry to you…


Oh, well. There it went. The chocolat got me. :yum::yum::yum:
Fish sticks and beans rest of week. Fam will be healthy


One day they will be thankfull :wink:


Either that, or i can watch the moon from the window in a campingwagon… :joy:


I just buy ETN. The Pounds are gone (I don’t think about them after they’re spent,) I have ETN for whatever it’s worth. That’s how I look at it, and I’m happy.


Which brings me to how long I could hold out! LTC buy transferring as I type, only Plankton amount, but it’s mine!!!