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Is that Kucoin, as I do not see a 37M sell wall - why do I not see that amount? What is the rest of the story?


I changed it to 5 decimals to get a better overal overview.


and the rest of the story?


Well. A sellwall can change anytime. People are not dumb if the price goes up quick people remove their sell orders and/or put them, higher, thats how we could fakeout over 205sats.


Do you guys see the volumes on bitalong?


Billy_Bongo Not if but when we brake the neckline of head and shoulders, we can confirm wave 3. This will go to at least 1.618 line (I reckon 1.786) The fact that it bounced of 61.8 line. already gives us a clue that we are busy with wave 3?

Edit: Wall, what wall!! Wave 3, fast and furious?


wall is slowly getting wiped out! :wink:


Getting a bit stubborn at 202sats but I will be buying some soon :slight_smile:


Vi etablerar högre köpväggar nu…


Im so sorry to say :wink: the wall will be broken on kucoin i think.


yes, quite a lot of coin eating going on there right now :slight_smile:


Well I waited for an attack on 203 sats and played my part :slight_smile:


204sats on the menu at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah 204 to 2012 sats has been a massive wall for some time. Chomp chomp everyone :slight_smile: hehe


andd…its gone. haha :smiley: that was quick :smiley:
205sats for breakfast :smiley:


That was quick. Someone wanted to get into the middle of the wall :slight_smile: hehe

How much for sale there will back out or will they force the price back down. Anyone who has read Richard’s email might think twice about that… :slight_smile:


Its fun watching :smiley: if this demand contiues, we migh see 240sats today? imo…


I guess the market demand should increase at some point… i mean the amount of users and the use of digital payment are going forward


Yeah if we get a good economy going we will have many types of market participants.


Eat baybe,… eat it :))